I am quite the dreamer. I was the little girl with notebooks full of movie, book, and play ideas. I had entire worlds plotted out in an eight-year old’s handwriting. I remember looking out the car window and watching the trees bend and shape into figures that looked like people who always seemed to wave “hello.” I’ve always seen the world through the lens of a movie maker or a novelist, or more accurate, the lens of a child. Even today the snow bends and moves and shows me a story.

That being said, I get frustrated a lot with the “non-magical” bits of life. I hate feeling stuck in God’s calling for me. I want to just run at what He has in store for me. As soon as the yield sign gets placed in my path, I become impatient. I immediately develop the “case of the mundane.” Worse than a cold, worse than the flu, the “case of the mundane” strikes my heart and my soul and plagues my spiritual life. Why is God not letting me move in this area? Why can’t I take the baton and just run already!? Why can’t I make the images and dreams I have developed in my head come to life?

Well that, my friends, is because God is a seasonal God. That does not mean He changes, but rather that He changes us and our circumstances. We face winter, spring, summer, and fall in the natural and the supernatural world. Sometimes our life is just paperwork and “regular” life (the “mundane”) and sometimes it’s miracles and running at the speed of light.

When I Googled the word “mundane,” I immediately snapped out of applying this word to my life. Why? Mundane’s first definition is “lacking interest or excitement; dull.” This is what I thought I meant when I was using it. But the second definition? “Of this earthly world rather than a spiritual or heavenly one.” Wow. The enemy uses the “mundane” in our lives as a trap to bring us further from God. God wants you to see the mundane as an opportunity to grow your heart and grow your faith in Him but the devil wants you to see it as boring or unimportant!

Every second of your life doesn’t have to encompass what God has “called” you to do. In fact, God actually calls us to a different purpose in each season we are in. The past four months of my life, I thought I had not been doing what God had called me to do. I thought I had been living in the mundane. God has recently revealed to me that what I thought was a mundane season has actually grown my spiritual, personal, physical, and academic self more than ever before.

Don’t develop the “case of the mundane.” Proverbs 30:8 says to keep falsehood and lies far from you. The idea of “mundane” is a trap and a lie! Every day is an opportunity to develop your spiritual life, grow your relationships, and take some extra care of yourself! Proverbs 22:19 says, “I teach you today, even you.” Yes, even you. Even if the most exciting thing you did today was driving to work, God wants to take advantage of what you see as mundane and turn it into growth and prosperity! Conquer the mundane today and let it excite you for what God has in store for you next!

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