It’s officially that time of the month! It feels like forever since I did my December favorites post but January also seems to have flown by. Weird how that works out. This month was a month of fasting for me. I spent a lot of time focusing on my relationship with God and my well-being (also investing in some new makeup) and I think this month’s favorites reflect that. I hope you enjoy! x




Fresh, new workout gear- I have been reluctant about getting new workout gear since my gym life was an off-and-on again phase for a long time. However, within the past nine months, I’ve been going so frequently and regularly I often had to skip a day at the gym because all of my clothes were dirty! The top of my Christmas list this year included some new gym gear and I am obsessed with them. (Dark grey color-block leggings from Target, everything else from Victoria’s Secret Sport).


Dangle earrings- These earrings have been a life-saver. They make messy, lazy buns and ponytails look sleek and trendy. I have recently acquired three new pairs (partly thanks to my sweet brother’s Christmas gift to me) that I wear each and every chance I can get. Thanks dangle earrings, for making me feel a bit better about not washing my hair an extra day. (From left to right in top picture: family heirloom, two and three are from Rose and Remington).


Ruffles, ruffles, and more ruffles- When I say ruffles, I mean lots. of. ruffles. As you can see in the pics above, I have been obsessed with any shirt, sweater, or dress that has ruffles on it. I would have never considered myself a super girly dresser until the past year. I used to wear lots of rip jeans, tennis shoes, and over-sized shirts nearly every day. I’ve definitely begun to embrace my feminine side clothing-wise within the past year or so. (I am only showing the actual ruffles as an emphasis on how much I have appreciated purely the ruffles.)

The dress (bottom pic) is from Macy’s. It is so soft and comfy despite its semi-fancy look. It is literally a gigantic sweater that I would honestly be down to wear to bed. Whenever I don’t feel like dressing up for work, I throw on this. Looks fancy, but is secretly PJs.

The top two shirts are both from American Eagle. As you get to know me, you will discover this is 80% of my wardrobe (if not more) is from American Eagle. They know how to make clothes that are not only cute but incredibly soft and comfortable. I have to convince myself not to wear these every single day. If you are looking for clothes softer than cotton that look like high-street fashion, American Eagle is the place to go.




Chobani yogurt- If you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories, you know the obsession is real. It’s taken me a few years to find a yogurt with flavors I trust. Greek yogurt can be a scary place and Chobani is always delicious and never scary. And their new yogurt drinks are my favorite way to start my day. (Plus, can we talk about the new packaging!?!?) My favorite flavors are Coffee & Cream, Oranges & Cream, Mixed Berry Blended, Key Lime, and Vanilla (so basically all of them).


Naan pizza- Jon introduced me to the wonders of making pizza with naan bread at the beginning of the month (just one of the many reasons why I love him). It is suuuuuper easy to make and offers a good alternative to frozen pizza. This was fast-friendly for me so my siblings and I ate it like 2-3 times a week. Here’s my recipe for Cheesy Naan Pizza!


Naan bread- I use 2 of the medium size for lunch. (I like the Stonefire Original brand. They also carry a flatbread version if you are cooking for two.)

Pizza sauce

Mozzarella cheese

Italian seasoning

Crushed red peppers (optional)

Olive oil (optional)



Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

While the oven is preheating, decorate the pizza on a pizza stone. I like to do sauce first, cheese, then sprinkle it with the seasoning and crushed peppers. Lastly, I drizzle the olive oil.

Put in the oven for 10-12 minutes (keep an eye out for your pizza, every oven is different).

Take out and cool for 5 minutes. Slice and enjoy!

Jonny Pops Raspberries Blueberries & Cream Popsicle (not pictured)- I deemed these fast-friendly because they literally are a smoothie on a stick. But be warned: they do not taste like a fast-friendly treat… they are ridiculously delicious. They come in a ton of flavors which you can view here on their website. My family gets them from Costco and they come in a larger box with the Raspberries Blueberries flavor and Strawberries & Cream. Seriously- try these. The most delicious “healthy” dessert I have ever encountered. They also have a little message on the stick reminding you to spread kindness!

International Delight Reese’s Cup Creamer (not pictured)- Yes, you read that right. It’s as good as it sounds. Well, at least for me. I think it tastes a lot like almond milk creamers (which I love) so if you are not a big fan, maybe steer away. As for me? I’ll take 6. This is supposed to be a seasonal flavor but I have seen it on the shelves since October. I’d definitely try it before it runs out of stores (if it ever does).




Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herb, and Rosewater I have jumped on the makeup guru cult bandwagon and recently purchased this and wow am I happy I did.  I’m not sure it actually does that much for your skin as it claims it does (supposed to help with acne scarring and inflamed skin), but boy does it smell good. I spritz this all over my face before I moisturize in the morning. It smells amazing and instantly makes my skin and face feel more awake. If you are a lover of flowery scents and lively skin– use this. It’s amazing.

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion It’s official. I have fallen into the Mario Badescu rabbit hole. On one of my favorite YouTuber’s (Zoella) vlogs during Christmas, she talked about how she used to use this product whenever she got a pimple. As my acne continues to improve, I only get a couple spots throughout the day. Once you turn 20, your skin begins to change. The gunk that comes out when you pop a pimple is mostly composed of white blood cells, making it more likely to scar when popped. I have not popped a pimple in weeks thanks to this guy. Pop this on right before bed and you wake up with your pimple a little smaller and on the road to healing!

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara I have loved this mascara before but I tend to go through phases on what mascara I like. I am still in the hunt to find a mascara that gives me the proper amount of length and volume without clumping- still have yet to. This mascara gives my non-existent lashes an INSANE amount of length without much effort. I also love how it naturally curls my eyelashes. This is, so far, my favorite mascara. But I am still searching… send me an e-mail if you know of a good one!

Too Faced Melted Matte Liquefied Long Wear Lipstick in Queen B Thanks to my good friend Cam I have finally found the exact shade of lipstick I have been looking for. I love liquid lipsticks and I’ve been hunting for a dark nude/purple color I can rock on the weekends and at work. This is the one. Just a warning: it is MATTE. I apply a clear lip gloss on top just to keep my lips hydrated looking (and because I love a little shine). This stuff is my new go-to so. Thank you, Cam, for blessing me!

Bath and Body Works Coconut Sweet Mint scent- Unfortunately this scent is no longer sold as it was a holiday scent but I’m not sure it really gave off much of a “holiday” vibe. The lotion smelled strongly of a really sweet sunscreen (great reminder for when the temperature is 10F). The body wash mostly just smells minty which is great and I really hope they bring it back again next year. Plus- the packaging this year was just so super cute!





Rifle Paper Company 2018 Planner A not-so-secret secret about me: I am obsessed with Rifle Paper Company. Anything and everything by them is an absolute dream. I’ve bought Jon many cards from them, I’ve owned two planners, use their to-do notepads, and have recently become obsessed with their stamps (could be next month’s favorite….). I get so excited with the launch of the next year’s planners every year. This year I opted for a MUCH smaller planner compared to the giant one I had last year. Next year I think I may go for the one that is in between the two sizes (I just have a lot to write down, ya know?). I just love the cover and color of this planner. The layouts are amazing. BONUS: They are having a 60% sale on all calendars and planners RIGHT HERE.

Bath and Body Works Relax Candle- As you all have seen if you read my Seven Ways to Have a More Relaxing Evening post, lavender + candles are the best nighttime combination. If I don’t feel like dealing with essential oils or I want my room to smell up quickly, I use this guy. It smells better than you can even imagine and looks super cute on top of my bookshelf. This candle is no longer sold as branded (super annoyed by this) but you can find an almost identical scent here.

Ello water bottle I am a big fan of the Ello brand. Unfortunately, the last water bottle I had by them shattered because it was made of glass and I drop everything I own. This time I went for the plastic (much safer bet). I love love love the grey criss-cross pattern. It’s easy to grip (so clutz people like me don’t drop it all the time) and goes with pretty much all of my outfits (judge me). I also love a good pop-lid for when I’m driving or going to the gym!


Ninja coffee maker- You will most likely see something coffee-related every month. I have yet to venture past the regular coffee-cup the Ninja provides (10 oz rich please). But it’s now hard to drink Keurig coffee unless I am running late. Between the Aeropress and the Ninja, I have become spoiled with luxe coffee right at my fingertips. Keurig coffee only happens in a rush now! Love this thing!


Bath and Body Work soaps- Well, it seems that they no longer sell ANY of these items… it seems that they are specifically targeted for the winter months (but we all know February is still a winter month). If they do come out with these scents this coming winter, definitely jump on board. I love this line and the exfoliating hand soaps are AMAZING (they sell other versions here). Each one of these smells like a winter paradise.




Christine Caine Unshakeable devotional- This devotional has been my favorite thing to read when I wake up in the morning/when I go to sleep at night. It takes a minute or less to read and is filled with some great insight that always encourages me to step forward in my faith. I’m a massive fan of Christine Caine and it’s not too late to begin! There is one for every day and even if you start now, you can keep it going through next January!

Without Rival by Lisa Bevere- I’ll be honest, I never really made it past chapter 3 with this book. But this winter break/fasting month I decided to read the whole thing. I am so so happy that I did. This book has so many different layers and insights and has not only encouraged me with who God created me to be but also in my relationship with Jon. We all know God has created us uniquely, but to know God has called us to love so boldly and fearlessly- that’s a lesson I needed to learn. Ladies. Read. This. Book.

Rose Gold Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones- This goes right along with my gym gear. Using headphones in the gym has resulted in me dropping my phone (like a million times), letting it slide down a treadmill, or just dealing with super annoying chords. These Beats have saved me from pure annoyance and help me have a better workout. I also look forward to using these when I travel- after awhile headphones in my ears start to bother me. But since these go over your head, it’s not a problem! (Plus how cute is the color??)


I hope you all enjoyed this month’s favorites! Let me know what you thought by sending me a message over at “Say Hey!” Or send me an anonymous message on my Tumblr by clicking here. I’d love to hear what YOUR favorites are and if you’ve been loving some of these too! Who knows? Maybe your favorite will become mine too! x

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