I have always been obsessed with subscription boxes but a college budget does not support such a thing. I usually live vicariously through other people by watching them open them and subscribing to e-mails just to see what I’m missing out on. Recently, my mother has also become obsessed with them. She decided to embark on the FabFitFun box and we opened it together! Check out what is inside the Editor’s box and see some new products I am already obsessed with! x




FabFitFun is a subscription box website that comes four times a year (five times with the Editor’s box). Each season, you’ll get special beauty, gym, clothing, etc. goodies. They are full-sized, high-quality products. You pay $50 for each box and you get over $200 worth of products inside (no joke, my mom and I did research). It’s a box you can personalize as well. You can pick and choose what you want to be inside (or you can keep it a surprise).




The Editor’s box is customizable just like the rest of them. So here is what was inside ours! x


BB Dakota Poncho in Black/Charcoal

Retail value: $70

Review: Not only is this essentially a fashionable blanket, but it’s reversible! My mom was rocking it yesterday morning to church. It’s something that flatters everyone. No matter what your body type or your age, it’s classy and comfy. We both found it hard to believe that it was $70. It doesn’t exactly have the quality that high of a price should have, but for coming in the box, it’s pretty dang cute and will be used a ton!


Private Party Gym Bag

Retail value: $59

Review: This gym bag became my moms and it makes me laugh. It says “Will Workout for Cupcakes” on it and has a denim wash. It’s definitely not the type of thing I would ever look twice at but it is still super cute.



Summer & Rose Elena Earrings in Rose

Retail value: $38

Review: No one else in my family has their ears pierced but me so I automatically snatched these up. As you all know from my January Favorites, I am obsessed with dangle earrings. These are no exception. They are the first rose gold pair I own and they are so simple and so sleek. They add just the right amount of class to any messy-hair day.



Spongellé Body Buffer in Bulgarian Rose

Retail value: $16

Review: This product was for my mom but this was honestly one of the best-smelling things. You could smell the rose scent through the package. My mom doesn’t usually like heavy floral scents but she loved it too! She hasn’t used the product yet but the smell enough is worth the try. Plus, how cool is a body wash-infused loofa!? Genius!

PSA: It’s limited edition! Get it while you can!


RealHer Eyeshadow Palette (Do Your Squats)

Retail value: $28

Review: I. Am. Obsessed. I am honestly not sure how I have never heard of this brand before but this is a palette I will end up buying over and over again. I used it once and I immediately felt the need to put it on every day. I use an Urban Decay primer in Minor Sin underneath so the pigmentation of the eyeshadow was just as amazing as Urban Decay’s palettes. I love love love the colors. They made me feel so dark and smoky with minimal effort. Check this out if you are looking for some more eyeshadows!


Way Of Will Muscle Soak Bath Salts

Retail value: $35

Review: I have not taken a bath in nearly 15 years. I had an accident in a shower/bath when I was 10 years old and have honestly been too traumatized to try it again. After watching Zoella again on YouTube (who is the Queen of Baths) I decided I would give it a try again. After smelling this product, I knew that it was time. It’s official: I have been wasting years on not taking a bath because baths are amazing and what was wrong with me? I am not sure this actually did anything for my muscles but it smelled amazing. Not sure it’s worth the price, but I highly recommend baths and good-smelling things in them.


MakeupDrop Silicone Makeup Applicator

Retail value: $20

Review: I have seen lots of silicone applicators being used before and I’ve wanted to try them but haven’t had the courage to part with my Beauty Blender. But you guys… you have got to try this!! Not only does it help you use less makeup, but you will just look like you are glowing from the inside out. This is for use with a liquid foundation. I tried to use it with concealer, but I think I will still stick to my Beauty Blender for those fine lines. You’ll want to go over your foundation with your Beauty Blender still to get those extra spots. But all in all, my foundation will last longer and I will finally achieve that healthy glow! It’s also SUCH an easy clean-up. You literally wipe it down with a wipe or soap/water after each use. Buh-bye cluster acne, helloooo silicone makeup applicator.


Whish Beauty Nourishing Dew Mask

Retail value: $54

Review: I will never be the person that buys a $54 face mask unless it is dermatologist recommended. I also don’t really need to use masks like these. Even though I wrote above that the silicone applicator helped me achieve that healthy glow, I have a super-oily face (the applicator just made a non-greasy glow). I spray matte finisher over every step of my makeup and still end up looking like a pile of oil by the end of the day. This landed in my mom’s makeup drawer so let’s hope it’s as good as the retail value…


I hope you enjoyed opening this box with me! I am dangerously obsessed with this box and my mom and I are counting down the days until we get the spring box. Even if I don’t want/use any of the products, there is something so satisfying about a good ole haul. See you on Friday! x

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