As you all may know by reading some of my posts, I spent the month of January reading Lisa Bevere’s “Without Rival.” I’ve read bits and pieces of the book before and I had seen her speak on the book so I knew how important this book was for me and other women. When I actually sat down and dug deeper into what Lisa was saying and how it applied to my life, I knew that I really had to change the way I thought about myself and how I saw others.

One of the biggest lessons I learned through my time in this book and my time with God is that I am uniquely loved and uniquely made. I know, I know. These are things we hear a lot. In fact, we hear them so much that they become clichés and lose their important meaning. The enemy uses clichés like he uses the ordinary; he wants them to lose their meaning and stop them from changing our hearts.

My favorite thing God has taught me this past season is that He does not love me equally to others but that He loves me uniquely. “Equal” means that God’s love can be measured and it, of course, cannot. Saint Augustine said, “God loves us as if there is only one of us.” The reason God loves us uniquely is because we were created for a unique purpose and to be a unique person. Lisa Bevere provided this definition of unique in her book: “without equal or rival.” God created us as stand-alone. We do not need another person to complete us or make us any better. We are wonderfully created individuals alone (well, not alone, but with God).

The craziest thing to me is that God wanted me to be a woman because of the traits and the heart He would give me. He knew each of my attributes would be best displayed in a feminine form. He picked your gender because of the people He wanted you to reach and the relationship He wanted to have with you. You would not have been a better carrier of His love and kindness as another person or another gender. This is mind-blowing to me. Your very gender was not randomly generated. That’s how much intricacy God placed into creating us. There is nothing accidental about you.

God also picked our personalities because of the people He wanted us to reach. No one else on this Earth can love people like you can. No one else on this Earth can teach people and reach people like you can. No one else on this Earth can minister to the one like you. You are stand-alone. You are without rival.

No matter if you’ve read this book once, twice, or a million times, I want you to remember that these statements are more than just clichés. God wants you to know now that He placed you on this Earth to reach a specific person, a specific people. He wants you to know that not one part of you is accidental. He wants you to know who loved you first and who loves you differently than He loves anyone else. He wants you to know that you are uniquely loved and uniquely made.

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