Well, hello!! Looks like it’s that time of the month again. This month has absolutely whizzed by and I am so happy that spring is just around the corner! From trying to stay warm in the snow and Valentine’s Day to feeling spring at my heels- this month has a big range of products! I hope you enjoy! x



Madden Girls Chelsea Heel Booties- I wear this shoes about 3-4 times a week. Chelsea heels are an essential part of my wardrobe. They make jeans and a tucked in tee-shirt look stylish. I purchased these from Macy’s in late November. Chelsea boots are sold at nearly every store that sells a variety of shoes. I’ve gotten them from American Eagle before and I also know that Kohl’s has a good variety as well!

American Eagle cardigan As I am writing this, I am wearing this cardigan. I practically live in this thing. It’s the easiest thing to throw over a fancy shirt, tee-shirt, or everything in between. It is just about the comfiest thing I own. It’s form-fitting but also flowy (a win/win for me). This cardigan goes with everything. Finding the right cardigan is like finding the right bra and man, did I find it. While this cardigan is no longer on sale, American Eagle has many like it that will be a better fit for you and your body.

Aerie Lace-Up Crop Hoodie in Medium Heather My style is basically wearing PJ’s while looking cute. That’s why American Eagle/Aerie are my go-to stores. They have the comfiest stuff. This hoodie is one of the many gems they have hidden in their stores. This is not something I would typically buy myself unless I saw it in the store. I bought this number earlier this month and I constantly have to tell myself I can’t wear it every day. I love this thing. Comes in three other colors as well! Bonus: currently on sale for 50% ($20 people!).





Torani Lavender Syrup This syrup is not for the faint of heart. I’m a huge fan of floral flavors and whatever weird thing I can put into my drinks. A splash of this in a latte or even lemonade is sure to cheer up your day and bring a little spring to the winter that won’t seem to go away.

Luden’s Wild Cherry Cough Drops I feel like I have been sick this entire month (probably because I have been). I was hit with bronchitis and laryngitis towards the end of the month and I have gone through two bags of these bad boys in two weeks. The great part is they taste like cherry candy. I used to sneak these all the time when I was younger because I found them so delicious. They made being sick just a little bit better for me this month.

Rishi Earl Grey Tea This is hands down the best earl grey I have ever had. As you all can probably tell, I’m just a little bit more of a sweets person ;). This earl grey tea is so sweet and so full of flavor. Lydia and I cannot stop making London Fogs (earl grey latte with lavender + vanilla syrup) out of these bad boys. You’ve got to try this.

SweetTart Hearts (not pictured)- Okay, I know Valentine’s Day is over but I’m still munching on these things. Yes, they are better than regular SweetTarts. Why? They dissolve almost instantly and they are super cute. I know that they are probably no longer in stores but you should definitely make a mental note to try them next year.

Sugarfina Champagne Bears (not pictured)- THESE. THINGS. My lovely man bought me these for Valentine’s Day this year and I ate them all in about 2.5 minutes. Sugarfina can be a little expensive but champagne gummy bears are sold by a wide variety of companies. These are nonalcoholic and the perfect amount of sweet and weirdness that I always lean towards.




Essential Oils (“Get Well” Blend)- As I stated earlier, I’ve been sick all month. I love this blend to help me get through coughing fits and a stuffy nose. I let this run all night or why I’m hanging out in my room and it helps me feel a little bit better. I also took a bath with this blend and have used it in my shower a couple times. It does enough to help you get through those moments where you can’t seem to ever stop coughing.

Flowers- My room this month has been a garden. Jon has gone above and beyond to make me feel loved and cared for this month. My dad always gets us flowers for Valentine’s Day and I even treated myself to some. I like to say I have a green thumb when it comes to flowers because they somehow manage to live for weeks in my dark room. I love love love flowers and I simply cannot wait for the spring.




Victoria’s Secret Dark Flora perfume- This has not only been one of my favorites this month but it has also been one of Jon’s. The first time I wore this he literally stopped me and said: “never stop wearing whatever you have on.” It’s the perfect in-between winter/spring scent. It’s floral but laced with woodsy scents (my favorite kind of smells). Plus this packaging is to die for.

Victoria’s Secret Lotion in Midnight Ivy- I’m honestly a little more in love with the packaging than I am with the actual scent. Not that it smells bad, but I’ve never been a huge fan of Victoria’s Secret lotion. I just can’t stop staring at it on my bedside table. Again, a goodbye to winter and a helllooo to spring.


Bath and Body Works lotion in Mint The little lotion is insanely refreshing. I love mint smells and this is just straight up mint. It’s perfect to put on in a public place (who hates the smell of mint!?) and provides an instant pick-me-up throughout the day. The best part? Still being sold in stores and online.

MakeupDrop Silicone Beauty Blender I wrote about this over on my FunFitFab post. I use this thing every day to apply my foundation and I have never felt like such a glowy goddess. Check out the post to read about it more in detail!

RealHer Eyeshadow Palette- I also wrote about this one over on my FunFitFab post. I use this palette nearly every day but my go-to is the Naked 3 palette by Urban Decay. I love brown and darker eyeshadows. The pigmentation in this palette is amazing as well. Read more about it in my other post!

Muscle Aid Synergy Essential Oil Roll-On by Plant Therapy- This has been another help to my constant sickness this month. It’s composed of wintergreen, camphor, and pine. It helps in a similar way that VapoRub would. Put some of this on your wrist and temples and VapoRub on your chest and you are set for a better sleep. This is also great for post-workout soreness, headaches, or the yucky aches you get when you aren’t feeling well.




Emma by Jane Austen- Yes, yes, I know. “But Brie, why did you put this book in all of your pictures on your blog if you haven’t read it until this month?” Because the cover is cute. That’s why. But now that I’ve officially started it, I can’t seem to put it down. If you love Pride & Prejudice, you’ll also love this Jane Austen classic. I bought this book in Bath, England where the majority of Jane Austen’s books take place. Every time I crack it open, it takes me back to my favorite place.


2018 PyeongChang Olympics- I am not a big sports fan except for when it comes to the Olympics. I freaking love the Olympics, I count down the days whenever I know it’s an Olympic year. I especially loved watching figure skating and the marvelous Chloe Kim this year. Even though the next Olympics aren’t until 2020, I’m already ready for the USA to take it all.

Movies, movies, movies- If you check out my post from Friday and you tuned in yesterday, you know that February is the height of Oscar season. I am always obsessed with movies but when it comes to January/February, I am overly obsessed with movies. My TV time is while I am doing my makeup in the morning and I have binge-watched movies almost every day this month. Check out my Oscar post for which films you should be watching to get over the last little bit of winter!

Queer Eye on Netflix- I know what you all are thinking but I have absolutely loved watching this show while I’ve been in bed sick. This is honestly one of the only forms of entertainment where I have seen gay men and Christians linked arm in arm celebrating each other. The issues they tackle each and every episode are so open and vulnerable and not at all what you would think. This show also cracks me up and I definitely shed a few tears. If you have a secret desire to watch reality TV, give this show some of your time. Seriously. You will not regret this.


I hope you all enjoyed this month’s favorites! Don’t hold back from sending me what’s been YOUR favorite this month. I can’t wait to hear from you all. Until then, I’ll see you on Friday! x

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