Let’s be real here: there are not enough hours in a day. Whether you’re a college student, high school student or working full-time (notice how I didn’t say “mom,” moms are another league of awesomeness), no one seems to have enough time. Over the past seven years, I have really learned how to organize my life (whether it’s my room or my homework). In high school, I was that girl who was in a million clubs and felt devastated when my 4.4 GPA only made me the top 10% at my school (yes, I know… I was crazy). My first two years of college I was in a crazy busy internship. When I look back at the past six years of my life, all I can see is a blur of crazy. I honestly don’t think I could have made it without these things I’m going to share with you! I hope you can use some of these to boost your productivity and spend more time doing what matters!


Get A Planner

This sounds really silly for those of you who may not like to write things down and think “oh I’ve got it all in my head.” If a planner is too much for you to keep up with, use your phone’s calendar and notes section. I didn’t use a planner for anything but schoolwork until college and it was an absolute game changer for me. It’s kind of a stress reliever for me (because I’m a dork). I literally write down almost every single thing I do. Yes, that includes reading my Bible. It just helps to have a really solid grasp of what your day looks like. When you pencil in time for the things you love (gym, Bible, family, practicing an instrument, reading a book, etc.) you find yourself less likely to get lost in your “work” and more likely to actually get done the things you want to do.


Get 7+ Hours of Sleep at Night

This is actually something I have been terrible at recently. I know that it changes your productivity because I have been in a bit of a slump the past two weeks and I know why… I’m only getting 5 hours of sleep every night. Here is a list of the number of hours you should be sleeping every night depending on your age. Those in my age group (18-64, wide age gap, I know) need 7-9 hours of sleep a night. It’s a myth that you can just “catch up” on sleep over the weekend. I know I feel more energized when I’m getting 7 hours every night rather than 5 all week and 9 on the weekends. Get some sleep so you can conquer the day ahead of you with ease.


Use Reminders

Yes, just having a planner is not enough. Having a planner means you have to regularly check it. This is something I have eventually trained myself to do but when it comes to the small stuff (like taking vitamins or running to the store), a reminder on your phone or a post-it note in somewhere you always look does the trick. The key is to be pro-active when you are being productive. If you put some extra time into sorting yourself out, it will take less time to get the actual tasks done.


Plan the Small Things

Plan ahead your outfit for the next day and your lunches/dinners for the week. I am a person who takes an hour and a half to get ready because I like to sip my coffee and take things slow in the morning. This also means that I tend to run late because I am enjoying my morning a little too much. When I lay out my outfit for the next day, it allows me some extra time to get ready (or sleep in). I also feel less rushed and more put together in the day. Planning lunches you are going to take to work/school also helps you eat healthier. When you pack food last minute, you tend to throw the first couple things you see into a lunchbox or get lunch out. It helps you feel a little more in control of your day and in control of yourself.


Keep Your Bank Account in Check

Not really a shocker here. Organization comes easy when you know exactly what your finances look like. I am all for budgeting, but sometimes keeping a strict budget is more stressful than not knowing what your bank account even looks like. I use the rule of 4: tithe, savings, gas money, and spending. Basically, anything that doesn’t fall into the first three categories goes into spending. This helps you fully understand where you are at. Have student loans or a car to pay off? Write a note every month on what you owe so you can always calculate that out of your paycheck. (Side note: this is for those of us balling on a budget.)


I hope this helps those of you who feel like you just can’t get ahead or for those always looking for some extra organization tips. I hope some of these help you out this week and every week to stay ahead and feel a little bit more in control of yourself and your day! x


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