I promised myself I would always be real and truthful when writing for this blog, so I am going to be just that. Don’t let this post deceive you, I am not a morning person. I am lucky if I can get out of bed on time and manage to get all my makeup on before I am out of the door (usually doing my mascara and lipstick when I reach my destination). This isn’t an “I’m great at mornings so learn from me” post but rather a post about making tough mornings a little easier on yourself. I have my good weeks where I am on top of it and I have my bad weeks where I really should take my own advice. Read this knowing that I do not have it all together. Here’s how to wake up a little easier from the views of a non-morning person!


First of all, wake up.

This is the one I am the worst at. I purposely set my alarm for an hour before I wake up because that is actually how long it takes me to process the idea of waking up. (Pathetic, I know.) But here’s the thing: I am actually losing and interrupting my sleep pattern by doing this and making myself a lot more tired when I actually get up than I would have been had I only hit snooze once or twice (rather than ten times). When you wake up when you are actually supposed to, it lets you get that full sleep cycle that puts that extra pep in your step. Try setting your phone on the opposite side of your room so you will actually have to get up and turn it off or sit up every time your alarm goes off. Both of these things will annoy you enough to wake up and start your day.


Diffuse the annoyance away.

Waking up early is annoying. Having to walk across the room to turn your alarm off is annoying. This is where positive vibes have to be put in place in order for you to feel energized and ready to take on your day. I use my diffuser most mornings to melt my grump away. Orange and peppermint are my favorite combinations for the morning. Citrus essential oils help boost your mood, eliminate germs, ease anxiety, and boost your energy (basically everything you could ask for in the morning). Peppermint helps to bring clarity and focus, boost energy, and relieve stress. This combination helps calm my nervous tendencies and make me feel a bit better about being awake before 7 AM.


Hydrate before coffee.

After my lovely friend, Hannah sent me and my gals an article on how to be better morning people a couple months ago, I was doing this nearly every day (until I got lazy). I really should not have stopped because it helps immensely. The first thing I often put into my body in the morning is a LARGE cup of coffee. In reality, you should be putting something to help instantly hydrate and boost you in the morning. Hot water (not tea) with lemon and honey does the trick. I often did 6 oz of hot water with 4-5 drops of lemon and just a bit of honey before my morning coffee. The warmth and comfort of it woke me up enough to not desire 20 oz of coffee (but, rather 8 or even 6 oz). It’s so refreshing and even helped my skin out. I will definitely be starting this back up again this week.


Do something you would normally only do in your “me time.”

I know what you’re probably thinking, “I can’t get out of bed let alone make time for ‘me.'” Actually, you can. Whether it’s a 10-minute face mask while you make your tea, set out your clothes, pack your lunch or a little extra moisturizing in the morning. For me, I like to watch TV or a movie while I do my makeup. This is pretty much the only time I get to do something like that, so I use it to my full advantage. It makes me excited to wake up and put my makeup on (a task I used to hate but now love). Find some way to squeeze in some extra “me” time so waking up doesn’t really seem all that bad.


Make it easier on yourself the night before.

I wrote about this a little bit in my “Relaxing Evening” post in January. I am telling you again because it’s also important to have an easier, more energizing morning. Get everything ready the night before for the next morning. Whether that’s setting out your outfit or at least planning it; packing your lunch the night before or figuring out what the next day looks like. I always feel less stressed, more relaxed, and more in control of my day when I set things out in advance the night before.


Pump some jams on your way to work or school.

These may seem dumb or even a “duh” tip for you, but take it seriously. What you listen to in the morning will fuel you for the rest of the day. Whether it’s worship music or your favorite upbeat music, it will make walking into work or school a little easier that day (plus, you’ll have a fun song in your head all day). I’m a little dorky and I actually find that listening to NPR in the mornings can often be the equivalent of listening to my favorite Beyoncé song. Listening to the news helps me understand what is going on in the world and get a better grasp on my day. No matter what your “jam” is, listen to it before you begin your work/school day.


I hope these tips help you feel a little more refreshed and a little more energized when you wake up tomorrow morning. Try a new one each day (or slowly add a new one to your routine each week) to see if they can help make you a little bit more of a morning person. I will never be a person who enjoys the morning fully, but these things do always help improve me just enough to tackle my day. I hope this challenges you (I know it challenged me) to have an easier, more energized day! x

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