Spring has officially sprung in my town (at least for the weekend) and it has instantly made me want to take out every article of clothing in my room I don’t wear and just get rid of it all. Every little thing I don’t need? Out! What is it about spring that makes us want to get ourselves together a little bit more? Why do we often clean our house but forget to clean out our hearts?

Hebrews 12:1 says, “Let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles.” Just like we get rid of old tee-shirts or get the cobwebs out of our attic, we have to do the same within our spirit. The things that cause us to sin don’t just go away, we have to clean them out and continually do a seasonal cleaning.

You know that expression, “old habits die hard”? Well, in all honesty, habits never really die. It’s really a constant pursuit of killing your old habits that has to be done in every season in your life. Like a credit card or a driver’s license, your relationship with God needs a renewal. Your salvation is always intact once you have given your life over to Jesus, but how do you expect a relationship to flourish if you never go out to coffee and just have a chat?

“If you want to be unstoppable, keep challenging yourself to clean out the internal world of your heart and mind regularly so you can focus more clearly on Christ in you, with you, and at work within you,” (Christine Caine). Humans are creatures of habit. As much as we have been freed from our sin and bondage, the world tries to plant them back into our hearts. The best way to combat it is a little spring cleaning. But we can’t just clean up once a year. Seasonally, our hearts have to be refreshed and renewed for whatever storm or blessing is about to enter into our lives.

Exactly six months ago, my grandma passed away. Before I entered into this season, I had been doing some fall cleaning. Without this renewal of my heart and time spent with God, I’m not sure I would have been able to handle this loss so gracefully. As we prepare for my other grandma to pass away, I’ve had a much more difficult time handling it. I grew angry at God. How could he take away both pillars of my family in the course of 6 months? How could He let cancer enter into this world? I had to take a step back. I had not done my spring cleaning and it was showing.

I needed to take a look at God’s heart, my own heart, and stop trying to understand the “why” and just understand that He knows what He is doing. My grandmas might not be at my wedding, my children will never know them here on Earth, but they will know them because of the legacy they left behind for them. I share all this to say if you are not in constant pursuit of God and consistently refreshing your relationship with Him and the cleaning out of your spirit, you will not be ready for the storms and blessings that come. Life is easier when you know your Heavenly Father is taking care of it all for you.

This week, set some time aside for God to clean out your spirit. Start a new devotional or book, listen to a new worship album, and purge your spiritual closet. Let us throw off everything that hinders us from keeping our wonderful relationship with God. Let us cast out any sin that entangles us and keeps us from living the life God wants us to live.

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