It’s no secret that we live in a world filled with information on how to better improve our lives. I, myself, am a walking self-improvement sign with this blog. My favorite past time at the moment is investing in ways to get rid of my acne scars and figuring out how to stop oversleeping every morning. The world is constantly telling you “life hacks” to improve your life (I’m guilty of this as well). But here’s the one thing you will never hear from a self-help book: you are already good enough.

Shocking, I know. Whenever I hear that statement I always think, “well, yeah, but doesn’t God want us to improve ourselves and become better people?” Yes, He does. The wonderful thing about God is He wants to us already just like we are. He wants to make us better through the work we are doing for Him. If we get distracted by a hot new metabolism pill or a new diet, we can often forget that God loves us just as we are and wants to use us right now.

One of my favorite people in the Bible is Rahab. I’ve been doing a Bible study with my small group girls this past semester (Seamless- check this out) and when we got to the story of Rahab, I got cold chills. It’s so simple, yet so powerful. You can find her story in the book of Joshua.

After Moses’ death, Joshua takes leadership over the Israelites. Joshua sends spies into the land that God has claimed for the Israelites to scope out their defenses. The spies come to the home of Rahab to take shelter. Rahab’s home is built into the wall that surrounds Jericho. Now, Rahab isn’t exactly a well-suited lady. She was, in fact, a prostitute and definitely not an Israelite.

Rahab agrees to hide the Israelites because she has recognized that they are truly God’s chosen people. All she asks if that they shelter her family and keep them safe when they lead the attack on Jericho. Seems like a regular, boring story, right? Wrong. Rahab later goes on to become the mother of… BOAZ. Yes, ladies, that is correct. The Biblical man we are taught to find in real life. THE Boaz.

A prostitute with nothing but a house to shelter spies in raises one of the greatest men in Biblical history. Not only does she raise Boaz, but Boaz is in direct lineage with Jesus. Yes, Jesus is directly related to an ex-prostitute. Jesus was born into a family of sinners so that He would know how to love us in return.

God didn’t care that Rahab wasn’t perfect. He didn’t say, “hey, how about you stop selling your body for money and then we can talk?” No. He used her right then and there because He knew she would be a part of the family to help bring Jesus into the world. The exact same principle applies to you today. You don’t have to be perfect, you don’t have to be flawless. In fact, God loves using the flawed. God loves humans and all we are and that includes being imperfect.

Rather than looking at yourself in the mirror today and thinking, “geez, look at how unqualified I am.” Remember the story of Rahab. Remember how all she did was recognize God and say yes. She wasn’t put-together and she was far from a healthy lifestyle, but she was willing. Let’s be a little less willing to be perfect and a whole lot more willing to hear God’s voice. x

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