At the end of every summer, I always look back at the things I did and think about all of the things I forgot to do. Well, folks, this is my last summer break (ever!) and I don’t want to regret a single moment. For those of you, like me, who are tired looking back at your summer and discovering all you did was work and Netflix, I have made a jam-packed list of things for us to do this summer! Whether you live in Cincinnati, prefer to stay at home, or live elsewhere, I have got something fun for you to add to your summer. Let’s not waste our Saturdays away with crime documentaries and actually enjoy this beautiful city!



Cincinnati Burger Week (July 16-22)- During this week, there will be $5 burgers at over 50 restaurants in the Cincinnati and NKY area. I’m not talking your regular cheeseburger but delicious, gourmet burgers from the best burger joints in the Queen City. For a full list of places to check out during the week-long event, click here.

Sugar Rush (August 8th at the Cincinnati Art Museum)- Cupcakes, donuts, ice cream… need I say more? Tickets are $20 for endless sweets, live, music, swag, and kid-friendly fun (kids under 8 get in free!). I don’t know about you all… but you will definitely find me here enduring the most amazing sugar high of my life.

City Flea- This event is probably my favorite event that happens in Cincinnati. It runs monthly from May to December and it is always an absolute blast. The best food, apparel, home, (and so many more) vendors get together to provide a giant flea market that takes place in Washington Park. The dates this summer? June 16th, July 21, and August 18th! It is always such a blast and gives you major summer vibes.

Furry Friends Festival (May 25-26 at Washington Park)- Music, food, and cute dogs… sign me up! Bring your little friend out to experience an OTR favorite right in the middle of Cincinnati’s most booming area!

Taste of Cincinnati May 26-28- This has been an event I’ve been wanting to go to for forever. It is one of the largest festivals in Cincinnati and it’s all about my favorite thing: food. There will be TONS of food vendors in which you can try a little of everything that makes Cincinnati the wonderful city it is. For more information click here!

FC Cincinnati game- Now that Cincinnati has finally embraced the world’s favorite sport, we can’t get enough! Last summer I missed out on all of the fun but you will definitely be seeing me there a few times this summer! Here is a list of all of the games going on this summer!

Cincinnati Reds game- We may have one of the worst baseball teams in the country but I still think these games are so much fun to go to. What can be more of an American summer than a hot dog, some peanuts, and some baseball? Here is a list of the games this summer!

Summer Cinema at Washington Park- Every week throughout the summer, a movie plays on the big screen in Washington Park. From Mulan to Independence Day to Dead Poets Society, there is bound to be a movie for everyone. Check out this list to see which movies are playing this summer!

Cincinnati Zoo- If you follow me on Instagram, you know this is my favorite place to be during the summer (and spring, and fall, and winter…). Jon and I are members of the zoo and try to go 1-2 times a month. We are lucky enough to have such a stunning zoo with some of the greatest exhibits. You definitely want to check this out this summer! Don’t forget to say hello to Fiona for me!

King’s Island- King’s Island not only has those classic theme park rides you have to embark on during the summer months but it also has an incredible water park! I’m not much of a coaster girl myself but it just doesn’t seem right to not go here at least once during the summer.

Coney Island- If you’re not so much of a thrill seeker, like me, Coney Island will be a little more your speed. While it is way less of a “theme park” than King’s Island, it has a great pool and water slides you have to check out during the summer. For some good old-time nostalgia, you have to come here.

Glier’s Goettafest (August 2-5)- Part of living in Cincinnati is embracing the German heritage that comes with it. Glier’s Goettafest brings our German culture to light as Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky party it up with all kinds of goetta.

Picnic in one of Cincinnati’s parks- Cincinnati is home to some of the most beautiful parks. Devou and Eden are two of my favorites to have a picnic at. Whether you are with your family, significant other, or best friends, it’s a fun way to celebrate summer in Cincinnati.

Market Bleu (July 14)- Market Bleu is a new event happening at the Contemporary Arts Center and I cannot wait to check it out. Market Bleu is an upscale fine arts market where local artisans get together to sell their goods. It’s a great way to support local artists and grab some new treasures for your home!



Camping- Pitch a tent this summer and camp in your own backyard. You could even lay an air mattress out on your deck or back patio. It is such a simple way to enjoy summer activities without having to spend big bucks.

Bonfire Night- My goal is to have as many bonfires and s’mores as possible during the summer and early fall months. Invite friends or family over to enjoy them with you! Don’t have a fire pit? Here is a great recipe to make s’mores in your kitchen!

Grill out- Hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled chicken, barbeque, whatever your taste, make use of your grill this summer! I love eating outside in the summer evenings with my family and some corn on the cob.

Independence Day party- In the past few years, I have kept July the 4th pretty low-key. But even if you are staying in with family, you can always add a little tradition in. Buy some sparklers, make some red, white, and blue Jell-O and watch your neighborhood fireworks! Or go all out and invite everyone you know over for the festivities!

Game night- I’ll be honest, every night is game night at my house. But there’s something about sitting outside and playing games that just feels so right in the summer months. Gather your friends or family up and play some board games! Just don’t forget the lemonade.



Mini golf- What’s a summer without losing a round of mini golf? I am horrible at sports or anything close to them but I absolutely love playing mini golf with my family. You can almost always find a mini golf (or full-on golf) within a few miles of your home!

  • If you live in/near Northern Kentucky, here is my favorite mini golf.

Kayaking/Canoeing- I honestly think that this is my favorite thing to do during the summer. I go once or twice a year and it’s the best workout. Whether you go with friends or family, this is a month during the summer months.

  • If you live in/near Northern Kentucky, here is my favorite place to kayak.

Ziplining- This is something for the adventure seekers, but even a wimp like me enjoys flying through the trees. This is a little more difficult to do depending on where you live but even planning a day trip to go is so worth it.

  • If you live in/near Northern Kentucky, here is a great place to zipline.

Lake day/boat ride- Whether you live near a lake or need to make a couple hours trip to one, everyone needs a lake day during the summer. It’s so fun to relax on a boat with your pals and drink iced cold lemonade all day long.

Pool day- Similar to the lake day, decompressing by the pool is a must in 90-degree weather. If you don’t own a neighborhood pool, King’s Island or Coney Island is always a great place to go. Or… you can mooch off your friends. That always works too.

Hiking- I prefer to go hiking in the early summer/late summer months just because I can’t handle the heat. Whether it’s May, July, or September, it’s always fun to go hiking and having a picnic with a gorgeous view.


Want to fill out your own bucket list during the summer? Click on either one of the lists below and print them out to track your fun! There’s a blank one for those of you who prefer to create your own adventures or you can use mine!

















Click here for my list!                                                        Click here for a blank list!


I hope you enjoyed this list and you are ready to embark on the most fun summer you’ve ever had! Whether you live in Cincinnati or not, there is always something new and exciting you can do in your own backyard or right down the road. Make the best of the summer heat and enjoy! Let’s do this, summer 2018! x

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