I am doing my May faves a little earlier this time around! This month has gone by in the blink of an eye and I feel like I have barely had time to collect myself, let alone have a long list of my favorite things. Because of that, this month is a little bit shorter than normal. So sit back, get your cup of coffee, and read all about my favorite things this past month.




A New Day Michaela Pumps- I went out looking for a summer alternative to my go-to pair of Chelsea boots and of course, Target had my answer. I have not been able to stop wearing these this month. They go with everything! Shorts, rompers, dresses, jeans… these shoes are definitely essential to any summer wardrobe. Not to mention, they are actually comfortable. My feet never hurt after wearing these (even all day long).

Brown strappy sandals- I have not owned sandals that I actually wore probably since elementary school. I’m a little weird about feet and never like mine exposed. But with the power of these and the pumps, I have been able to finally embrace summer attire like a normal human being. While the shoes I have are not able to be purchased outside of stores, I thought I would throw a few options of sandals a lot like these!



American Eagle Ruffle Hem Short- These shorts make a v-neck tee look dressed up. I am obsessed with the way they fit and the fact that these have pockets. I prefer soft shorts to denim or twill shorts and these are just dreamy. Don’t hate me but these shorts are sold out at the moment. Here is a link to other American Eagle shorts that will be just as comfy and cute.


American Eagle Pom Pom Tulip Short- These shorts are so much fun (and super comfy)! They are the perfect in between of casual and dressy to throw over a bathing suit or a cute shirt for a night out. These shorts make me feel like I’m hanging out at the beach every time I put them on.


American Eagle Off-The-Shoulder Double-Ruffle Romper- I have fully embraced going out of my comfort zone with clothes and this is just another example. Normally this is something I would admire but never purchase. I decided to be bold and own the fact that not only can I wear a romper but I can rock an off-the-shoulder one. I am obsessed with how comfy and gorgeous this romper is. Once again, don’t be mad. This romper is currently sold out. Here is a link for a romper like it that’s currently on sale!





Starbucks Cool Lime Refresher- This has been my summer drink for a couple years now and I always get instantly obsessed as soon as it’s warm enough to have an iced drink in hand. I ask the baristas to put coconut milk in it instead of water and it becomes the most refreshing drink on the menu. One sip and you feel like you are on vacation. Definitely order this drink next time you go.






My backyard- Yes. You read that right. My own backyard is a part of my May favorites. My parents have been working tirelessly to make our backyard look gorgeous for my sister’s graduation party and boy, does it look good. From the landscape to the amazing deck furniture, no one in my family ever wants to leave the backyard. It is our own little paradise and definitely worth writing about.

Bath and Body Works soap in First Bloom- As you all have probably been able to tell, I love soap. My favorite type of soap? Floral scents. Since it’s still considered spring on the calendar (despite the 80-degree weather), this soap makes me feel like I just walked through a lush garden. Is it safe to wash your hands 30 times a day? Because this scent makes me want to do just that.





Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper- I have cracked the case. The best eyeliner ever has been discovered. This eyeliner is super easy to apply giving me the perfect wing in under a minute (yes, you read that right). 90% of the time my wings even MATCH. Eyeliner used to take me 10-15 minutes to apply after messing up, wiping off, and re-applying over and over again. This eyeliner gives me zero problems and stays on ALL DAY. I have never had an eyeliner not slowly gloop off my face but this guy does not budge. Seriously. When my mascara has been cried off, this eyeliner looks exactly the same. 100000% recommend this.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara in Noir- I wrote earlier this year about my current favorite mascara. Well, folks, it looks like it has some competition. While the Roller Lash is great for everyday use, Velvet Noir transforms my look instantly. The volume and length this mascara produces is unreal. It’s a little more on the clumpy side, but I absolutely love it.

Sephora Mud Mask Purifying & Mattifying- I had been wanting to try this mask for a long time but was afraid to buy a big ole tub of it without having tried it first. Thanks to my May Sephora Play! box, I was able to try this and I am obsessed. My face was notably less oily for the following two days after using the mask (I didn’t have to oil blot all day, guys). It’s a really quick drying mask and instantly feels like it is doing great things to your pores. You can expect me to buy the full-sized product when this mini runs out.




Harry Potter: A Hogwarts Mystery app game- If you know, then you know. Not only do I love Harry Potter in a weird, almost obsessive amount, but I have been missing it. Once you’ve read the books five times, read Cursed Child, seen all of the movies a million times, gone to Harry Potter world in Universal (twice), read every entry on Pottermore, and have seen the actual sets in England (told you, weird obsession)… there’s not much more to go on. So while I am waiting for the new Fantastic Beasts film to come out in November, I will not be able to stop playing this game. It’s a new storyline and you are your own person! It’s safe to say that this is the one video game I will play until I’ve finished!

How to Get Away with Murder on Netflix- This is honestly never a show I thought that I would be interested in. I don’t usually like things that are graphic or as overly-dramatic (practically a soap opera) as this. But for some reason, I can’t look away… I blame Viola Davis for that. Just a warning: This show is graphic in more ways than one (if you know what I mean), and they don’t hold back on their language. Anyone who can’t see rated R movies should not be watching this show. But if you are looking for a show that makes you gasp and say “whaaaaat,” I would definitely give this a try.


Thanks so much for keeping up with me this past month. I’m so thankful for all of your thoughts and prayers. Here’s to June and for the time to slow down just a little bit. We could always use more summer, am I right? Don’t forget to send me your favorites this month! I can’t wait to hear from you all!

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