I have officially been back on U.S. soil for one week and man, do I miss Mexico. If you were following my trip to Mexico or have checked out my highlights on Instagram, you know how much of a blast my family and I had. I am so beyond excited to share every part with you! In order not to overwhelm you with a million different details, I decided to split it up into two posts (the second coming next week). I hope you enjoy my first ever travel blog! x




DayOneWe stayed in Cancun, Mexico the entire trip at the Hard Rock Resort.

We arrived in Mexico around 11 AM (after I spent the entire airplane ride watching Coco) and we were just immediately stunned by the beauty of our resort. Infinity pools that seemed to grow straight into the ocean and the perfect ocean breeze. First mission? Food.

We weren’t super impressed with the resort’s lunch buffet (very disappointing) but we did get some super cute desserts out of it.


After that, we went straight into the pool. The realization of how amazing a swim-up bar actually hit us and we could not stop ordering virgin frozen drinks the entire trip. But that first dip in the pool with drinks in our hands and the ocean in front of us… absolutely priceless.


After a couple hours of swimming, we went to dinner at the Mexican restaurant at the resort (Frida). I was so unbelievably excited to get my hands on some real Mexican food. When I saw churros were on the menu… I about lost it. I ordered chicken fajitas, Mexican rice, guac, charro beans, and of course, churros.

After, we went to check out the Bingo going on in the lobby (yes, you read that right). We ended the night early and rested, excited for the next day at the beach.



I’ll be honest, I’ve maybe ordered room service once or twice my entire life. So when I found out all-inclusive also meant room service breakfast… I jumped at the chance. And boy, was I glad I did. I would have ordered it every day if it hadn’t been for my desire to run to the pool every morning. I have a mega sweet tooth in the morning so when I saw refried beans on my plate, I was a little weirded out. Y’all… these were the best refried beans I’ve ever had and I would honestly eat them for breakfast every day.

DayTwo_1We spent the remainder of the day by the pool and beach. Reading, swimming, and frozen drinks all day? THAT is paradise.




My mom and I took a break to go and watch the rest of our family jet ski on the ocean (and also watch them fall into the middle of the ocean…).




We ended the night star gazing by the pool and enjoying top-notch Italian food at the resort. We decided to go to bed early (again) because of the next day’s big adventure…





Today was one of my favorite days (if not my favorite) of the entire vacation. And oddly enough, it began with a two and a half hour car ride in which I resorted to taking pictures of my manicure (it happens).


We then arrived in Yacutan. It’s a small Mayan village near the Chichen Itza. We shopped within the village and sweltered in the 100-degree heat. I then ate the best meal of my entire trip. It was the most phenomenal buffet (not a place I would usually eat and enjoy it). I had the hottest salsa I’ve ever eaten, the best tacos, rice, chicken, beans, you name it. It was out of this world.


After melting in the heat, we loaded back on the bus to head to the Chichen Itza. Being able to see a World Wonder with my family was one of the coolest things I have ever done in my entire life. It was absolutely breathtaking to stand where the ancient Mayans once stood. Their intelligence and advancements in science and math are more than modern-day geniuses can even comprehend. It was almost too good and too beautiful to be true.

Still… the day was not over.

The last part of our all-day adventure was being able to swim in a giant cenoté. For those of you that don’t know what a cenoté is, it’s basically a giant sinkhole that has filled with natural water from underground and the rain over centuries. It was one of the most beautiful pools of water I had ever seen in my life. I honestly felt like I was on one of those Facebook explorer videos.

Coming back to the resort was bittersweet. We were hot and sweaty and ready for showers but the sights we had seen that day were simply out of a fairytale.






This day was probably the most casual and relaxed out of all of the days so far. We literally spent the whole day by the pool except to watch my sister participate in some awesome beach olympics (and do some Zumba in the pool).

We ended the night with dinner at a Hibachi grill and the beginning of some epic sunburns.


Next week, I talk about some pretty cool stuff I couldn’t wait to cross off my bucket list. Stay tuned for Mexico part two next Monday (it’s a little more exciting, I promise)!

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