“Not today, devil” has been my anthem for the past year (to this very date, to be exact). I feel like I have ran to hell and back this year. Through the ups and downs of this past year, the simple phrase, “not today” has brought me back to reality each and every time. I will not fall apart today, I will not give in today, the enemy will not win today. No matter your battle, no matter your struggle, God wins today and every day. Let’s scream a big old “not today, enemy” and fight for the freedom and love God has given us.

It’s not hard to guess what song has been my anthem along with this phrase. I feel like I have played “Not Today” by Hillsong United about every day. Yes, the song is great but there is more in the words than the melody can explain on its own. The song starts with this verse:

Trouble won’t throw me
Won’t break me
Won’t scare me
No more
Fear must have thought I was faithless
When it came for my heart

The phrase “fear must have thought I was faithless” just gives me chills. Psalm 27:1 says, “The Lord is my light and salvation- whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life- of whom shall I be afraid?” God, the creator of the universe, is our champion. How dare the enemy think we have such little faith that we could be afraid of what is to come? God has already won the battle for us. He knows the outcome, He owns the outcome. We simply have to walk by faith with the confidence that His Will will be done.

Tell me did the enemy panic
As You took up that cross
Tell me did the darkness cry mercy
As You rolled back that rock

I panic, you panic, we all panic. Humans panic because we don’t know the outcome. If we knew the outcome, if we knew the overall story, we would have no need to panic. Isn’t it interesting to think the enemy would panic? It seems the only one in this equation to be chill is God. That’s because God is the only one who knows the whole story.

Don’t get me wrong, the devil is smart… very smart. In Genesis 3:1 God calls the devil (aka the serpent) “crafty.” The devil knows how to deceive, he knows how to destroy, but he doesn’t know if he will win or not. Imagine Jesus walking with His cross, carrying our sin and our shame and imagine the devil’s face when Jesus walked into the pits of hell. I bet you the devil was a little more than panicked.

Why should we let something or someone that is fearful or even has the ability to panic have control over our lives? Through God, we are stronger than the enemy, wiser than the enemy. God gives us the ability to crush the enemy under our feet.

Your love stood down death
Crushed the devil’s head
Fear is just a liar
Running out of breath

It’s not hard to see we live in a world divided. It’s not hard to see the racial, generational, political, and religious divides… We appear so broken that “fear” is a word we see over and over again on social media. “I fear for our country,” “I fear for my children to grow up in this world,” “I fear worse will happen.” In this article, it states that Americans have become the “culture of fear.” Over and over and over and over I see these phrases. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, you name it.

Read the words again in the bridge of this song. “Fear is just a liar running out of breath.”  Fear is a lie about to be caught, the last scream it gives before it fades. Yet, the fear is when we give in. Jesus stood down death, crushed the enemy. We have no reason to fear because that lie has already been destroyed.

If you are facing addiction, tell the devil “not today.”

If you are facing insecurity, tell the devil “not today.”

If you are facing tragedy, tell the devil “not today.”

If you feel like your world is falling apart, tell the devil “not today.”

If you are doubting God, tell the devil “not today.”

Never again can the enemy win over us. We are God’s. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever, satan.

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