I hope you all enjoyed last week’s part one and I am so excited to share the rest of the trip with you (because this is where it gets really exciting)! Enjoy the second part of my first ever travel blog (may there be way more to come)! x




Our day started out by holding parrots while we were in a pool so it’s safe to say that we knew it was going to be a great day. After a couple hours of swimming, we took some public transportation over to our next big adventure.

Aquarium Cancun is located within a giant shopping mall and features scuba diving and swimming with one of the sweetest mammals- dolphins. Swimming with dolphins can easily be ranked as one of the top greatest things I’ve ever done. Dolphins are such beautiful and intelligent creatures. They were so sweet and gentle. If you ever get the chance, please go do this. It’s so important for humans to understand that it is our responsibility to take care of all of these beautiful creatures. We didn’t get any pictures because they were way over-priced but the memories live on in our hearts.


After swimming with the dolphins, we decided to walk around the outdoor mall the aquarium was surrounded by. Right around the corner read a sign that said “Chocolate Café…” y’all know I ran straight there. I had the BEST iced mocha I have ever had in my entire life at Ah Cacao. There are two locations on the east coast of Mexico and you have got to check them out.


We continued to walk around the mall until it was close to dinner time. We went back to Frida that night where I ordered not one… not two… but FOUR churros. (It’s not often I have access to such delicious churros, okay!?)

We ended the night with a romantic walk on the beach… literally. The beach was decorated with romantic lights and they were blasting love songs from the loudspeakers. What a day.





Today, we spent the day at Xplor. Xplor is basically a theme park filled with all-natural cave adventures. It’s super clean, well-kept, and an absolute blast. We rode ATVs through the jungle and caves (even saw a wild iguana). About 70% of the park is completely shaded and underground so we spent a lot of time walking through caves and being able to see all of the amazing formations.

Not only did we get to walk through the caves but we also swam and rafted through them as well. While my raft may have gotten stuck a few times, I still had so much fun. Swimming through caves with bats above your head was never something I imagined myself doing but it was just absolutely beautiful (and refreshing).




Let’s be real. My favorite part of any day is the food. Xplor has two smoothie/snack stations and a giant buffet area. We sat in hammocks by a natural pool drinking smoothies, eating oatmeal cookies, and watching the World Cup… can it get much better? The buffet was also one of the best meals I ate in Mexico. The Mexicans do not mess around with their spices and I am here for it.

The last thing we did was zip line across the jungle. My brother and I opted for the waterslide route while my sister and dad opted for the rope bridge route. I just so happened to get stuck going down the water slide thanks to my no-traction shorts. Thankfully, it was my brother who body slammed behind me and not a complete stranger… I was all worth it, though, to be able to glide through waterfalls and sail over the trees.







Since it was our last full day in paradise, we felt compelled to soak up the sun and enjoy complete relaxation. While I was in the pool, I held an iguana and let it sit on my head (it was with its trainer, don’t worry). I was able to interact with so many animals on this trip and I am so grateful for that.


Our last adventure was a sunset cruise around Isla Mujeres. We set sail for about an hour around the island and watched the sun fade. While on the boat, they gave us these delicious trays with cheeses, meats, fruits, and crackers. I was living my best life and so sad that I had to leave the next day.




DayEightWe spent the morning swimming before we had to say goodbye to the beautiful resort and the beautiful country of Mexico. I think I left a little bit of my heart there and I can’t wait to go back. x

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