I don’t know about you all, but I definitely wasn’t built for 95-degree weather. Anything over 85 sends me flying back into my home or anywhere with air conditioning. I sweat easily, frizz easily, and honestly, my perfect weather is in the 60s. Even if you love the summer, no one likes melting like a popsicle and getting sunburnt. So here are a couple of tips and tricks to keep the frizz and sweat away.



As a girl with curly hair, I have frizz year-round. But there is nothing like summer humidity to bring it out to a new level. In fact, my hair is usually more frizzy than curly during the summer and it can be really frustrating. I can’t use any heat on my hair in the summer because it a) won’t hold and b) causes much more damage due to how dry can get in the summer. I use two products to help combat this and I hope they can come of use to you too!

Paul Mitchell Smoothing Super Skinny Relaxing Balm and Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray

I use the Paul Mitchell balm all year long and the sea salt spray during the summer months. The sea salt spray really helps to lock in your curls. The directions say to brush it through your hair but since I am trying to channel my natural curls, I scrunch it through mine. Your hair is just as soft and doesn’t leave any feeling of residue.

If I could only ever use one hair product again (excluding shampoo, of course), it would be the Paul Mitchell Relaxing Balm. All you need is a little bit of product and magic happens before your very eyes. This instantly reduces even the craziest frizz and helps you style your hair easier. Just be careful not to put on too much, it can leave your hair looking wet.



If you’ve read even a couple of my blog posts, then you know I have oily skin. The summer, of course, adds a whole new level of intensity to it. What I have found to be the best way to get rid of oil (and face sweat, it’s a thing) on the go is Blotting Paper. I always keep some in my bag to help not only prevent my makeup from disappearing, but also to keep the oils that cause breakouts away (it is truly a win/win). Make sure you are also washing your face twice a day. Just don’t overkill it on the washing because that can also cause oily skin.



I’m sure some of you are like, “if I’m so oily and sweaty, why in the world would I need to put lotion on my face?” I used to think the same thing. The humidity outside is doing it for me, right? Well, that’s not entirely wrong. The real issue is the harsh AC we face every day in our homes, work, and cars. Chlorine from pools can often dry out your skin (but also helps acne!). I find that about halfway through summer, my legs are just as dry and flaky as they were in January. Make sure to keep moisturizing your face and body to avoid drying out your skin.



Here’s the key to avoiding sweat stains: wear the right colors. The thing in deodorant that keeps you from sweating is called aluminum and it is really not good for you. I switched to non-aluminum deodorant and started to get really frustrated by all of the sweat stains in my grey and light colored clothes. I started using regular deodorant when I wore those clothes and then slowly realized, “what if I just made sure to wear the right colors?” Stick to tanks, whites, or *very* dark colors in the summer. You can make a black tee look summer-y with fun shorts and sandals. If you know you are going to be out all day, dress to make sure you won’t have to keep checking those armpits for sweat stains. Simple, right?



The last thing you need to cool down in the summer is to literally cool down. The best part about summer is ice cream and here I am telling you to indulge yourself. Take a dip in the pool, buy a fan you can attach to your phone, eat some ice cream, always have cold water with you, and remember, fall is just a few months away. x

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