One of the biggest questions I get is: “how did you start your blog and how can I start one too?” I am by no means an expert. There are thousands of people with more experience, more of a following, and more time spent doing this. I’m just going to answer the simple question: “how do I get started?” I am usually a person who dreams of doing something but is always too afraid to get started. This blog has taught me a lot about patience, endurance, and holding yourself accountable. Here are a couple of things I did to start my blog and how you can get yours rolling today!


Why do you want to start a blog?

There is a lot of hype right now about being a blogger or a YouTuber and how loads of people are getting paid to sit in their PJs and work. I’ll be honest, that is a lifestyle I have glamorized since 2012. My initial thought was, “how are people getting paid to just have fun and do what they love!?” Sounds pretty great, right? But here’s the thing: many of these vloggers/bloggers had been doing videos and blogs for free or low cost for 5+ years before they ever started making a steady income. So why do you want to start a blog?

Do you want to write about music? Do you want to write about travel? Do you want to write about photography? Or maybe even a little of everything in between? Why do you feel like you want to write for the rest of the world to see it? If you love to write and you want to share your ideas on a regular basis, start a blog! If you don’t love to write… run away. Think about why you would start a blog and if it’s enough to keep you passionate long-term.


Start writing.

So now that you’ve determined you want to start a blog, you need to start writing. My biggest advice is to start writing before you make a blog. I used my Tumblr as an outlet and started writing small little devotionals every week. Once I started to realize I had plenty of time to write one post a week, I started to write two a week. Then I started letting my Instagram and Facebook friends know that I was writing these posts on Tumblr. After a couple months, I created the blog site you see now. I wrote devotionals and other little posts for about five months before ever starting my blog and three months before telling anyone I was doing it.

If you’re really serious about starting a blog and sharing your heart with the world, you need to make sure you can write consistently. If you’re “consistent” is a bi-weekly post, make sure you always post bi-weekly. If you want to post three times a week, make sure you always post three times a week. Don’t stretch yourself too thin and make sure you can commit to your goal by practicing before you publish.


Social media is your friend.

Social media can be a really bad place or a really good place. It can make you doubt your self-worth or be a community of people with advice and support 24/7. When starting your blog, make sure to follow people who are also blogging like you. I haven’t found very many people who post both lifestyle and faith posts so I tend to follow a lot of lifestyle bloggers and female Christian leaders. I have messaged many lifestyle bloggers for advice on how to run my social media, how to promote my blog, etc. and they all have responded with wonderful advice. I even follow a lot of YouTubers I like to watch how they promote their videos, products, etc. Social media is the best way to connect with people and learn from the older and the wiser.


Be yourself.

This is the most important bit of advice I’ve been given that I am now giving to you. When you blog, use your own voice. Be yourself and be genuine. If that means you are different than everyone else? Even better! Don’t be the same as every other person with a blog. Stand out with your own individuality and uniqueness. Be sarcastic, crack jokes, show people the good days and don’t hide the bad. I’m a weird, quirky person who prefers to be in PJs with coffee in hand and I hope readers get that from my posts and from my Instagram. Be who you are and you will stand out from the rest. x

If you have any questions about starting a blog beyond this post (how do I get a website? what’s the best kind of domain?), send me an email here! I’d love to help you discover your passion and get started! x

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