Hello, everyone! I can’t believe it’s already August!! I feel like this year has absolutely zipped by. It’s officially the time of year where I begin to wish the heat away and pray every day for early signs of fall. (Because who doesn’t love light sweaters and pumpkins?) But in the meantime, I will survive this summer heat by clinging to my favorite things. Here are my July faves!

Side note: pictures aren’t taken like normal because I have honestly had such a busy week… they will return to normal next month!





Target Pajama Set- I love some good flannel button-up PJs but they just don’t work during the summer. This cotton, short-sleeved version, however, has done more than the trick. Not only are these my favorite summer PJs but they might be my favorite PJs period. I am a little obsessed with pajamas and these are such good quality. I 100% recommend you get some for yourself for the remaining months of summer!

Bandana tie- This is a trend I jumped on as soon as I saw it. I have a million bandanas from when it was super cool to look “punk” and wear them around your head. This month, in particular, I found myself tying them around my neck about once or twice a week. I am obsessed with how quickly it cleans up

Target platform shoes- These shoes were completely out of my comfort zone when I bought them back in April, but I thought I would give them a try. I’ve only worn them once or twice before July and for some reason, I can’t stop wearing them now. They aren’t the comfiest but they are a great alternative to heels and make any casual look a little bit cooler. I couldn’t link to the exact pair but I have provided some that are close!

Vans Ward Speckle Shoes Am I cool now that I finally own a pair of Vans? I feel pretty cool. These are the comfiest shoes I have ever owned and I honestly don’t know why it took me 21 years to finally get some. I am obsessed with this grey and the little, colored speckles. These shoes are definitely a year-round essential.

American Eagle Soft & Sexy V-Neck- I try really hard to not wear the same shirt every week but I literally wear this shirt every week. It’s perfect with shorts, jeans, layers, a skirt, and everything in between. It’s an absolute staple in my wardrobe. Plus, American Eagle makes about the comfiest shirts you have ever known. I could totally sleep in this but I won’t… maybe.




LaCroix + Bubly- Guys, I actually drink one (or two) of these a day. They are 0 EVERYTHING. It’s almost the exact same as drinking a cup of water and I am all about it. I finally have a “soda” where I don’t have to feel guilty for drinking it. This is definitely an acquired taste but I am legit obsessed. My favorite flavors are pictured!

Nature Valley Peanut Butter Chocolate Granola and Simply Balanced Vanilla Nut Clusters- I am currently back working in an office I’ve worked for off and on since I was 16. The best/worst thing about this place is that the snacks are always stacked. The snacks are usually healthy but the ones that tend to grab my attention are the ones that aren’t. These little snacks are delicious and have helped me to not even open the snack cabinets (yes, there is more than one). They are good for you and so yummy that I crave them on a regular basis!





Amazon Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask- I have officially ditched Rodan and Fields and have decided to use more natural/gentler face care. It’s honestly an experiment to see if anything can rid me of my cystic acne. This guy is definitely doing something… You can literally feel it pulling and purging your skin. Right now, I am covered in acne thanks to this mask (it has to bring all of the gunk to the surface). The purging stage has begun but I definitely enjoy using this mask every week (something is definitely happening)!

Foreo Luna FoFo- This little doodad sort of inspired the change in my skincare routine. It is definitely the coolest thing I’ve ever gotten in a Fab Fit Fun box. It’s a little exfoliator that pairs with your cleanser. Here’s the catch: it uses Bluetooth and sensors to map out your face to not only measure moisture levels and skin age but also exfoliates as deep or light as the certain area of your face needs. It’s a little bit of an investment but I definitely think it’s worth it. Saves you time and lots of money on various exfoliants!

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Hydrating Creamy Lipstick- This is the most hydrating lipstick I have ever worn. I received this in July’s Sephora Play box and I have to remind myself I’m not wearing chapstick so I don’t smear it everywhere. I have a really nice neutral color that goes with everything! I highly recommend this if you’re tired of lipsticks drying out your lips.

Tarte Tarteist PRO Glow Highlight & Contour Palette-  This is something I didn’t realize I needed until I had it. This came in the summer Fab Fit Fun box and changed my life. It has four gorgeous highlighters that look good with any skin tone and then two different shades/textures of bronzer. I love using the darkest one under my cheekbones and the lighter one on my forehead and nose. This palette is actually considerably cheap considering its competitors. It is SUPER pigmented and basically… just go and get it.

Bath and Body Works Resting Beach Face hand sanitizer- This product is not sold online but if you go to the stores you will be able to smell how delicious it is. Not only did the label make me laugh through June and July but I always smelled like a clean mango. So yummy and perfect for summer!

Bath and Body Works Bali lotion- I have never gotten more compliments on how I smell than when I wore this lotion. It literally smells like a perfect day by a tropical pool. This is by far one of my favorite summer scents Bath and Body have ever released. Plus the packaging is about as cute as it gets! This product is no longer sold online but I still see it in stores!





Lavender pillow spray- This spray takes me to sleep each and every night. Who doesn’t love cuddling up into their sheets and pillow with the smell of lavender!? This helps me not only fall to sleep quicker but have a deeper and calmer sleep. I don’t have the exact one linked because I bought it from T.J. Maxx but I did link one I have used before and love just as much!





My Blogging Secrets by Amber McNaught- This book is saving my life and teaching me so much. I was gifted this book on my birthday from my bestie and I finally spent this past month soaking in all the advice. If you’re a new blogger, this is one of the best things you could ever read. Learning from someone who has already been there, done that, is always important (especially in the blogging universe). If you’re a blogger, social media influencer, or own your own business- please check this book out. Under $10 in the link!

III by Hillsong Y+F- I always love anything Young and Free puts out and at first I was a little hesitant with this album. The more I’ve listened and dug into the words, the more I fall in love with it. There are three specific songs on this album that I just can’t stop listening to. This is such a good album for adults, kids, and everyone in between.

Glow (Netflix)- I think I decided I want to be a professional female wrestler after watching this show. I made my boyfriend show me how to do a body slam immediately after finishing season two. This is one of the best shows Netflix has ever created. It’s gritty, real, and all about female empowerment amidst the glitz and glam of the 80s. Just watch the show and you will see why it’s top notch (warning: there is nudity and cussing).

Joey Graceffa’s Escape the Night (YouTube Premium)- This is definitely a weird show for me to like. I hate scary stuff and violence yet I can’t get enough of this show. The first season takes place in the 1920s and I absolutely love it. The current season takes place in the 1970s (this is the third season, I personally feel like you can skip the second) and it features a lot of my favorite YouTube personalities. It’s basically a show about a bunch of YouTubers dropped into a fantasy world with new personalities in a giant escape room in which one of them dies every episode. It’s super creative and inventive and I’m into it.

Cherry Wallis and Safia Nygaard on YouTube- I pretty much only watched Zoe Sugg on YouTube and everyone in her world until this past month. I noticed Cherry Wallis on the side with a suggested video that was Harry Potter related. Turns out her entire channel is Harry Potter related and I’m all about it. She’s the cutest, weirdest, British woman that sounds shockingly similar to Emma Watson. I’m obsessed with her and her nerdiness. Safia Nygaard is someone I have seen on Buzzfeed a lot and she’s also in Escape the Night’s current season. She is so cringingly weird and funny. The work and effort she puts into her videos are great. She’s so fearless and confident and will gladly wear a real-life Bratz outfit in the middle of L.A. Check these girls out!


This month’s favorites were a little more random than normal due to the lack of products I’ve purchased this month. I kept it pretty low key in July and I am pretty proud of myself. Be warned: August favorites may just be full of stationary because back-to-school is upon us! Until next month! x

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