Happy Labor Day, everyone! I’m so excited to share my August favorites with you all. August was such a wonderful, busy month filled with a bunch of time spent with friends, starting off the school year, and soaking up the last moments of summer. As we dib into my *favorite* months of the year, I’m so excited to share my last favorites of the summer with you! Enjoy!


 C L O T H I N G


Alex & Ani “I Pick You” bracelet- This was a gift from Jon for our anniversary and I am absolutely obsessed with it. I have worn it almost every day since. It’s a personal sentiment but absolutely gorgeous. There are only three places I like sparkles: my nails, my eyes, and jewelry. This is the perfect amount of sparkle and it just simply goes with everything. Love this!

Kate Spade Cameron Street Wallet- This was also a gift from Jonathan for our anniversary and I FREAKING LOVE IT. I’ve had the same wallet since I was 13, so it was definitely time for an upgrade. This wallet is huge and just absolutely stunning. If you didn’t know, Kate Spade is my favorite so I couldn’t have been more excited to carry this around. Here’s to keeping this one for another 8 years! The exact wallet I got is sold out, but I found one that is almost identical in the link I provided.


American Eagle Mom Jeans- This is not even an exaggeration… I have worn these jeans almost every single day since I got them. I honestly feel like the coolest person ever when I wear these. These jeans are flattering in a way I never thought “mom jeans” could be. They make t-shirts look like a fashion statement. One thing I will say, make sure to buy a couple sizes up. My best friend also bought these jeans and had to literally go up 4 sizes to get the right fit. I had to go up two sizes and probably should have gone up a third. They are weirdly tight around certain areas but so worth it when you finally get the right fit.

American Eagle Tomgirl Jeans- These are another pair of jeans I simply can’t take off. When I’m not wearing the mom jeans, I’m wearing these. They are so comfy and look perfect dressed up or dressed down. These are a little bit different than the mom jeans, though, and need to be sized down depending on how “baggy” you want the legs to look. I am totally loving my new jeans this month!





Buxom Mascara- This is probably one of my favorite mascaras I’ve ever used. It gives your eyelashes beautiful length while still making them feel like your lashes. I’m obsessed with how fluffy and big the wand is. The formula doesn’t make your lashes feel sticky or clumpy, either. This mascara is one of the cheaper “high-end” mascaras as well. Go and get you some.

NARS Cream Concealer- I tried this concealer a couple of months ago as a sample and fell in love. The concealer lasts forever based on its texture and doesn’t feel sticky or heavy. This product also layers really well which is great for girls who got a lot to hide (am I right?). It’s a little pricier but I personally feel it’s worth it with how long it lasts. I used to go through the drugstore Revlon concealer like no one’s business. This concealer will actually end up saving me money in the end.

Sonia Kashuk Contour Brush- I have a new holy grail of “cheap” brushes. The Sonia K brand is sold at Target and is absolutely amazing. Not only are the brushes gorgeous but they apply makeup almost effortlessly. I was in great need of a contour brush and this absolutely does the trick.

Sonia Kashuk Highlight Brush- This brush has changed my life (okay, not really, but you know what I mean). I have never used an actual highlight brush to apply my highlighter before (I know, what was I thinking?) and this has revolutionized the pigment of all of my highlighters on my skin. I instantly get a stunning, glowing look that only takes one swipe. This brush was super cheap and I highly recommend this or any type of fan brush when it comes to using highlighter.


Moroccan Oil Texture Spray- I talked about this product a little bit on my recent Sephora Play opening post. This stuff is so amazing for making my thin hair actually look voluminous when it is not naturally curly or in a bun. After this runs out, I will definitely be running to the stores to get some texturing spray. (But probably a cheaper version, if we’re honest.)

Lush Cupcake Mask- I have finally been introduced to the world of Lush masks and I am loving it. These masks are actually pretty cheap considering how many uses you can get out of them. The Cupcake Mask was $10 and lasted me about 7 uses (less than $1.50 per use which is way cheaper than any single-use mask). This mask is great for balancing the skin and improving acne. I immediately noticed a difference after the first use. Out of every mask I have ever shown on my favorites, this is by far… my favorite.

Bath & Body Works Pink Lemonade Hand Sani- Yes, I love how cute the unicorn trend is right now… judge me. This was honestly my favorite this month because of how cute it was and how excited everyone got when I let them use it and they saw the cute little unicorn on it. It smelled great and fresh too but, I was in it for the unicorn.

Tarte Creaseless Undereye Concealer- Is it just me or do I find a new and wonderful Tarte product almost every month?? Tarte had been advertising this product a while back on their social media and I knew I needed to get my hands on it. I have genetic bags under my eyes and they are always pretty puffy. This concealer almost makes them disappear in one stroke. All you need is a little bit to de-puff and lighten your under eyes. This is a pretty heavy-duty concealer so I know it will last me a while (bonus!).






Passion Fruit La Croix- I know I put La Croix in last month’s favorites but I tried a new flavor this month that I am obsessed with… passion fruit. This La Croix has more flavor than any other one I’ve tried and I can’t stop drinking it. Seriously. This was enough to make people who don’t like sparkling water say, “this one is alright.”

Pleasantry in OTR- Jonathan and I tried a new stop on our anniversary and I honestly cannot stop thinking about it. They have the most delicious garlic bread and caesar salad I have ever had. They have a gorgeous patio for you to enjoy with the sweetest staff. An added bonus: they also serve coffee and absolutely delicious desserts!

Nestle Aero chocolate- This chocolate became a favorite of mine when I went to London during my sophomore year of college. I have been aimlessly searching for it here in the U.S. as more and more English candies enter our shelves. After a year and a half of searching, I finally found it. I have been so excited to finally have it again that I managed to make one little bar last the whole month. It’s the perfect amount of chocolate and mint with the most interesting texture. If you ever happen across one, definitely check it out!



H O M E 



Rifle Paper Company 2018/2019 Planner- If you didn’t know, it’s safe to say that I am obsessed with Rifle Paper Co. They somehow manage to have the most gorgeous designs and prints every year. They have a lot of different planners in size and length. I love going for the 17-month planners because they are absolutely massive. I love everything about this company (they carry all kinds of stationary and desk stuff)! And guess what? 20% off TODAY ONLY. Go and treat yourself to some new and beautiful things.


Bath & Body Works Lilac Candle- First of all, I just need to comment on how beautiful this candle is. It’s also much wider than the normal Bath and Body Works candles, making it easier to light. I literally feel like I am sniffing a bouquet of lilacs every time I light this candle. It is so refreshing and smells so real. This candle scent was made using essential oils so it feels a little bit less artificial and all the more ah-mazing. This candle is technically a spring/summer scent, so it is no longer available. But be on the lookout for it in the spring!

U Brands Pens- I have been obsessed with these pens for a couple years now but I finally replaced my old ones that had run out of ink with these beautiful rose gold ones. I am just a little obsessed with stationary and work/school supplies if you can’t tell. These pens make taking long pages of notes really easy while also looking super cute. U Brands has a ton of amazing work/office supplies, so go and check them out online or at your nearest Target!

Yoobi Mechanical Pencils- Okay… last work/school thing, I promise. But, seriously… how cute are these mechanical pencils!? I could not resist the gorgeous palm leaves or the super cute tiny cacti. Since it was my last time buying school supplies, I wanted to treat myself with cute things. I think the Yoobi brand is super cute and it’s also sold at my favorite place- Target!






Kristin Johns + Jess Conte on YouTube- Thanks to my friends who have been pushing me to watch these two and follow them on social media… I’m obsessed. As weird as it sounds, I didn’t really think there would be Christian YouTubers so open about their faith. These two girls are so absolutely sweet and always encouraging. They are both pretty close to my age as well and both super relatable. Plus, they also have joint YouTube channels with their husbands who are both hilarious. Basically… if you watch YouTube, stop watching all the negativity and watch these two.


And there you have it! I hope you all enjoyed reading my August favorites. As always, please leave a comment and let me know if you’ve also enjoyed these products or have any products you think I should try! Don’t forget to subscribe to briearsenault so you never miss out on a post! I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your Labor Day weekend! x

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