Happy October, y’all!! My favorite month of the year has decided to rebel and stay as summer… I’m shocked and appalled. In order to cope, let’s remember a time where we thought fall was on the horizon- September. I can’t wait to share all of my favorite knick knacks and products with you from this past month. I have been on non-stop speed the past month so September favorites will be short, sweet, and to the point (just like fall is probably going to be). Enjoy!




Palm & Peak Milan Sunglasses in Black- After shattering my $5 sunglasses in the zoo parking lot, I needed some replacements. These sunglasses came at the most perfect time and don’t look super tiny on my big head. These glasses are incredibly sturdy AND I have a discount code for you! Use code DENIM15 for 15% off at checkout!

Target A New Day Neckerchief- I am obsessed with wearing a hair tie or a little scarf right now. Whether it’s in my hair or around my neck, I love feeling like a modern Nancy Drew. I am obsessed with the look of the 1970s right now (not the hippies… everyone else) and this little scarf helps me channel it with almost every outfit. I could not find the exact one I have, but I linked another one I thought was super cute.




Chobani Honey & Cream Greek yogurt- You guys. I know I talk about Chobani all the dang time but this new flavor is amazing. It’s so light and refreshing. I’m not going to even try to explain it to you… just go and get it.

Pumpkin Spice Creamer- Do I even need to explain myself? It’s pumpkin season.

Jalapeno popper wontons- My mom is an inventive genius. After many attempts at making jalapeno poppers and hours of trying to fix our recipe… my mom came up with the best solution- put them in wontons. This is honestly something everyone can quickly whip up after getting used to some basic oil frying. Here is the recipe we use so that you can make some before the next big game! (We like to add shredded cheddar cheese to the mix as well.)

Starbucks Fall Blend Coffee-I am open and proud about my addiction to coffee. It’s only 10:30 AM and I’ve already had nearly three cups. In all honesty, I mostly just drink coffee for the coziness and flavor it brings to my life. This blend is absolutely perfect for the fall season. It has just enough spice to make you want to run to a pumpkin patch. I know Starbucks doesn’t always have the best blends, but when you use a good coffee maker, miracles can happen.

Sips by Subscription Box- In the fall and winter, I consume everything that can be served hot. Coffee, soups, apple cider, and tea. This box is absolutely perfect for this time of the year and my ridiculous tea collection/obsession. This past month, I got a s’mores blend. Yes… a s’mores blend. This is so fun if you’re a tea lover like me because they give you enough tea to make one cup a day for the whole month!! And it’s only $15… bless.




Crown 6 Pc Brush Set- I am honestly obsessed with these brushes. They are absolutely amazing for powder and eyeshadow. They have little divets cut out for your fingers and an easier grip. I highly recommend these.




Rose Quartz Corckcicle 24 oz Tumbler- I am a really big water drinker and I am also a really big water bottle breaker. I drop and break water bottles on a regular basis. It’s a real struggle. My mom passed this tumbler down to me and my life has been changed because it’s basically unbreakable. It’s really big so I don’t have to constantly reach for more water and it’s super cute. You basically can’t lose here, people.

Alfred Tea Room teapot- *see above for my obsession with tea* This teapot + Sips by has made my month full of beautiful teas. This teapot is seriously stunning and is the perfect size for little old me. I love that it keeps my tea hot and ready so I can have more than one cup without having to re-steep.

French Lavender candle from Bath and Body Works- $12.95 candles today, you guys! This candle is definitely one you need to check out if, like me, you have a hard time winding down before bed or sleeping peacefully. My room swims in lavender smells every night to help me get to bed and it is truly… a dream (sorry, I had to).

Fall decorating (Kirkland’s)- I feel bad for my mother because I am the worst influence when it comes to holiday decorating. My mom and I have made Saturday our “how many pumpkin decorations can we buy” day in September. I’ve had a blast getting our house ready for fall this month.

Rifle Paper Co. planner stickers- I never thought I would like planner stickers because my plans always change. But I never considered using planner stickers to decorate… I am a freak and I own that. These are only $5 are so super stinking cute!!




“Girl Wash Your Face” by Rachel Hollis- I’ve been reading this book throughout the month of September with my small group and the whole rest of the world. This book is like having an encouraging best friend in your purse at all times (if you carry it around). It’s such a great reminder of how you are in charge of your surroundings.

The Great British Bake Off- I don’t think I can emphasize my obsession enough. I literally watch this show every day and now all I want to do is bake. This show is so relaxing and aesthetically pleasing. It makes me laugh, it makes me cry, and you get unbelievably attached to every person on the show. I am not joking when I say this- every single person needs to watch this because it is top of the line British TV AND it’s on Netflix.

Explained on Netflix- I am a sucker for learning in unconventional ways. (I’m well aware that I’m a nerd.) I love this show because it explains extremely complicated things in the most entertaining way possible. There are episodes on the gender pay gap or the water crisis. This show is definitely aimed at teaching millennials/Gen Ys things you hear in the news but never really get what it means and it is great. There are a few episodes that are really inappropriate but you can tell from the title… so stay away from those, friends.

BlackkKlansman- Oscar movie season is quickly approaching but one movie has easily made the rest to come out later this year look like garbage. BlackkKlansman was easily one of the best and most important movies I have ever seen. I laughed, I cringed, I cried. This is a dark comedy movie with an extremely important message- evil is still happening and will continue to repeat unless we end it. This movie addresses racism, antisemitism, police brutality, political divide, and sexism in more ways than one. If you’re over 17 (this movie is rated R for language), go and see this right now!


I hope you enjoyed my short little favorites this month! I’m praying we all get to enjoy the October we’ve been dreaming of ASAP. Have a wonderful week! x

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