Another travel blog!? Yes, yes indeed. This weekend my family (plus Jon) took a quick jaunt to the Windy City and we had an absolutely marvelous time. So here is what we ate, the coffee we had, and the few sights we had the time to see. Enjoy! x



DayOneWe arrived in Chicago around 1 PM and our first stop…? Food.

What We Ate: Lou Malnati’s (in my opinion, the best pizza in Chicago). I had a good and solid pepperoni deep dish pizza with the Malnati’s Salad.

Then we headed to the Magnificant Mile for some window shopping and to find coffee… somewhere. We stopped to look at all the beautiful buildings until we finally found what we needed: caffeine.DayOne1Where We Went: Argo’s Tea Cafe. It’s a chain I had never heard of before but we happened to find the most magical one in Chicago that was in what looked like a greenhouse. I had vanilla chai bubble tea.DayOne2.jpgNext, we walked past the brownstones I wish I could one day live in. We then headed to the Oak Street Beach (which in my 6 times in Chicago, I had never visited). Even though it was 50 degrees, we still enjoyed being able to see the beautiful lake.DayOne3Then… we did some “shopping.” We went into the American Girl store (a childhood dream), the Lego store, Gucci, got to see some of Dr. Suess’ actual artwork. We dipped into the Disney Store and Dylan’s Candy Store because you could smell the cotton candy from the street.DayOne4We ended up at the river and got some gorgeous views before heading to a late dinner.DayOne5What We Ate: Bill’s Bar & Burger. I ate boneless buffalo wings and chili fries and we all shared a Monster Shake.DayOne6We headed back to the hotel but stopped on the rooftop before bed to get a good look at this beautiful city.




DayTwoOur morning started with none other than donuts (how could it start any differently?).

Where We Ate: Firecakes Donuts. I had this triple chocolate donut with actual cocoa flakes on top. Honestly in heaven.


We headed to Millenial Park but took the long way to get in some beautiful views. We walked past the House of Blues, the famous Chicago theatre, and the beautiful river once again. Before we headed into Millenial Park, we grabbed some coffee.

Where We Went: I grabbed a vanilla latte from Intelligentsia Coffee which was unreal.


We hit the Bean and did all the fun tourist things. My brother is the only one who has never been to Chicago before (where we all have been like 2 or more times) so it was really fun to watch him see everything for the first time. I don’t even think he’s been to a city bigger than Cincinnati that he can remember, so when he saw the subway entrances, he was super excited.DayTwo3Our next mission: tacos. My mom ended up finding a place that had some of the best tacos I’ve ever eaten in my life so I was a super happy camper.

Where We Ate: Flaco’s Tacos. I had the chicken traditional taco soaked in the mild and hot salsa. And of course, chips and salsa is always a must.


After lunch, we needed more coffee (vacations are usually centered around food and coffee if you can’t tell).

Where We Went: Hero Coffee Bar. I grabbed my favorite drink, a lavender mocha.

We took a bit of a leisurely stroll (we made a 20-minute walk last 2.5 hours) back to the hotel. We stopped at the Nutella Cafe, Kilwin’s, David’s Tea (which was a DREAM… can we get one in Cincy?), and the Apple Store. The Apple Store in Chicago sits on the river and it completely glass. We could have sat there looking at the river for hours.

Before heading home, we made our final stop an early dinner.

What We Ate: Portillo’s. I had a beef hot dog with fries and chocolate frozen custard for dessert (which tasted just like a Wendy’s Frosty).


I hope you all enjoyed our quick little weekend adventure. This is the last travel blog for 2018 but I can’t wait to see what’s next in 2019. Stay tuned! x

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