Happy November, everyone! October was filled with chilly weather, spooky fun, weekend trips, and a whole ton of pumpkins. October is my favorite month of the year (although December is a close second) and I am so excited to share my favorites from the best month! Enjoy all the fall fun that you can carry on throughout November. x




Tan H&M Mock Neck Sweater- This is my definition of a perfect sweater. Bulky, comfy, and can be easily tucked into jeans for a nice and crisp French tuck. I’ve pretty much lived in this sweater all month long. Every wardrobe needs a neutral and comfy sweater for these cold months ahead.

Shopthe859 Peach Sweater- This is another perfect sweater. (Once again, bulky, comfy, can be tucked in.) I love this brand because it supports girl power and local vendors! This sweater is currently sold out but you can use my code BRIE859PROMO on other products for 15% off!

Plaid Boyfriend Blazer from A New Day at Target- I work in an office that dresses a little nicer so I was in need of a new blazer. I absolutely love the print and 70s vibes this blazer gives me. It’s super comfy and honestly looks good with anything- including jeans.

Burgundy Fine-Knit H&M Sweater- This sweater is a little bit thinner than the others listed but it is still great for the fall or for layering under a jacket. I love the shape of it and the puffy sleeves. It’s just (as weird as this is) a really fun sweater to wear and easy to dress up or dress down.

Hocus Pocus shirt- Since it was spooky month, I had to buy a spooky shirt. My favorite Halloween movie (mostly because I’m a wimp) is Hocus Pocus. The Sanderson Sisters are hilarious and always make me love the Halloween season. This shirt supports local business and is the super cute hairdos of the Sisters in the shape of Kentucky… adorable.

Hoop earrings- I can’t link these exact earrings because I bought them in a little boutique in Culembourg (Netherlands). I have been obsessed with wearing these. They bring a little pizzaz to dirty updos and any outfit they go with. They’re nearly weightless and have that extra little quirk with the arrow charm attached. I. Love. These.




Halloween candy- Okay… who hasn’t been shoveling Halloween candy into their bellies all month? (If you haven’t, please share with me your secrets.) I don’t really need to explain much here other than my candies of choice: sour gummy worms, pumpkin Reeses, Twizzlers, and Twix.

David’s Tea Chai S’mores- This tea, you guys. I got this in my Sips By box and it is absolutely amazing. It tastes as good as it sounds. I’ve been drinking a lot more tea in order to cut back from my caffeine addiction (2 cups of coffee and a tea instead of 3 cups of coffee… I’m trying, you guys) and this tea has been perfect for a cozy afternoon.




Benefit Gimme Brow and Anastasia Brow Wiz-  I use the two of these together to create the easiest natural looking eyebrow ever. I received both of these as deluxe samples and it is taking everything in me not to run to Ulta and buy both right away. They give such a perfect relaxed eyebrow for girls who don’t like to wear a lot of makeup or prefer to be a little bit more subtle with their glam. Both of these products are goof-proof (in my humble opinion)!

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer- My years-long concealer search is over. I will never buy another one again. Yes, I know. The whole rest of the world has already decided this and I am just way far behind. But seriously… it lives up to the hype. I am wearing so much less face makeup because of this bad boy (I have a lot of acne and red marks to cover up so I am going from 4-5 layers of makeup to 2-3). This stuff is AMAZING!

Bath & Body Works Autumn Nights lotion- This lotion is one of the best smelling fall lotions ever. It also has the cutest branding I’ve ever seen on a Bath and Body Works product. It’s supposed to smell like “flannel, leaves, and Friday night lights” which is so cute and cozy in itself. I love this scent and I really hope they bring it back next fall season.




Polyjuice Potion candle- I can’t link this candle because I have no idea where it’s from (sorry, you guys). This was a gift last Christmas from my boyfriend’s mom. It smells like a warm and musty fall day and was the perfect *spooky* candle for the Halloween season.

Letterboard- My mom recently got a new letterboard and gave me hers. I feel as though I am a crafting wizard. I know it only requires rearranging letters but I still feel like the queen of wit. These are so much fun to give yourself holiday spirit or to encourage everyone who walks into your household. If you, like me, didn’t have one already, go and get one!

Little pumpkins- I have put fake and real little pumpkins throughout my room and it just makes something as simple as a nightstand feel festive. I keep them up from October 1st until Black Friday (when Christmas takes over). It makes even a bathroom feel like fall! I just really like decorating for the holidays, but who doesn’t?




Making A Murderer Season 2 on Netflix- If season one gripped you back in 2015, then you’ve been ready for this to come out. I’m still not all the way through (no spoilers!), but I am already shook and just ready to figure out what the heck actually happened. If you like true crime or you love criminal justice (this isn’t as graphic or scary as others, if you are sensitive to that)- this is the show for you!

Follow This on Netflix- Similar to Explained, this show digs into social issues and cultural phenomenon in a hosted documentary way. This is made by Buzzfeed but it is still incredibly compelling and shows a whole lot of different viewpoints in the world. If you love learning and expanding your horizons, this one is for you.

Hocus Pocus- I’m not sure I really need to explain this other than the fact that is my absolute favorite movie to watch in October.

Disney Kingdoms App- This is super dorky and sort of cringy, but this is my new app game that I am almost as equally obsessed with as I am the Harry Potter app (yes, I am still playing that). You get to build and restructure Disneyland using all of your favorite rides and characters. It just brings me a lot of nostaglic feels, ok!?


I hope you all enjoyed my spooky and cozy October favorites! Go and check out my fall lookbook post for how I paired a lot of my outfit pieces together. And don’t forget that we still have a whole month of fall to pack down those fall activities from the bucket list. I hope you have a beautiful turkey-filled November! x

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