I can recall the moment I knew I was in love with Jon so vividly. I was simply watching him do what God had called him to do in that season and I knew I wanted to be aligned with him for as long as I could. I can also recall the moment I truly fell in love with God. Nothing else mattered. I was head over heels, on fire, and unstoppable. There is a difference between these two loves. One of which I was hesitant, but the other was like a crashing wave. I don’t mean that I don’t really love Jonathan. I simply mean that falling in love with God is so easy because you don’t have to worry or be hesitant- you already know God is the one and that He loves your soul too. As I’m sure we all know, falling in love is the easy part. Staying in love and on fire, however, can always be a little tricky.

Do you remember a time period in your life where every sermon was speaking directly to you? Do you remember when you felt like every worship song was written about your relationship with Jesus? If you still feel this way, hold on to that. You have a real treasure.   I simply want to talk to those of us who have maybe lost that passion, whether it was due to tragedy, stress, or maybe just simply forgetting to put God first.

When I say it’s hard to “stay in love,” I don’t mean that it’s easy to walk away from God. Once God is in our hearts, He is with us always. I mean that it can be difficult to feel the same way about God as we did when we were first saved or reignited. I have several periods of my life when my passion has been reignited for Jesus and several in which I just grew a little too familiar. I rarely read my Bible, worship music was just a nice thing to listen to. God was still there, still a regular part of my life, but He wasn’t the center of it all.

When we are “staying in love” with God, God is the center of our universe. Every day and everything is about Him. We stay constant in the Word, we stay constant in our praise, we have daily conversations with Him. Sometimes it’s difficult to remember that we still need to actively work on a relationship with Him. We don’t view God as a friend or a significant other that we have to dedicate time to. A relationship with God is just like a relationship with anyone else. It takes time and work to stay close.

Remind yourself of the things that brought you close to God in the first place. Carve out some time to make God the center of your universe. I know that it is often hard to do anything outside of your to-do list, but make God a part of your to-do list. Just like you would write down plans with a friend, write down time for you to spend with God. Cultivate your relationship and work to stay in love with Him.

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