Christians tend to do this one specific thing that absolutely grates my nerves. I, myself, have done it. In fact, even in this current season of my life, I am doing it! Christians tend to sit around and wait for God to smack them in the face with their “purpose” or “destiny.” We wait for God to tell us where to go next or where to move. Sometimes we spend years just waiting for God’s booming voice to tell us who to marry or where we should be working. There is a fear in us that makes us feel like we can’t move forward without God’s permission. I’ve spent the past six months practically waiting for God to tell me where to start my career in fear that without hearing directly from Him, I might do the wrong thing. God doesn’t ask us to just sit around- that is our biggest mistake.

In Unshakeable by Christine Caine, she says, “Maybe if you get up from where you are sitting. . . focusing on your problems, and take a risk on God, He may just do something miraculous on your behalf.” This is where the trouble usually begins. We are stuck sitting worrying about everything that is going on. “God, will I be able to pay this bill? God, will I meet this due date?” We are often begging God to show us an answer without us doing anything to receive it. We become drawn to the idea of the fact that God only has one path for us and it paralyzes us.

Here is the good news: if you follow God and truly spend time with Him and in His Word, you can’t go wrong. As long as you have accepted Jesus as your Savior and you are spending time with Him, you will have His presence and intuition on your side. If your aim is to please God and to love Him and His people, He will never leave you astray. No matter what school or career, God will be there in the midst of it all. His promises are concrete and will not change simply because you changed your degree from mathematics to marketing.

I don’t say any of these meaning that you should never go to God. You should always seek God in everything that you do. But waiting around for an answer is wasting time when we could simply be doing what He has called us all to do- loving people. I don’t mean this in the sense of if you’re dating someone and it just feels right, just marry them. I mean you sitting in a relationship for five years after talking to every leader and mentor in your life and they say, “yes, marry them” and still waiting for an angel to come down and tell you as well… that is not how God works.

You know when someone or something is not right for you. Many times, we choose to ignore it because we are too scared or are blinded by other circumstances. When we are constantly in God’s Word and our relationship with Him is fresh and vibrant, God will speak through our intuition and discernment. God may not send down an angel because He doesn’t need to do that anymore. Because Jesus gave His life for us, the Holy Spirit is constantly within us. God is Emmanuel, God with us.

Stop fearing that you are going to mess up. Stop fearing that you’re making mistake after mistake. Start being in the Word and working on your relationship with God. The rest will just come naturally. Use this prayer from Unshakeable when you feel doubts,  “Lord, I refuse to sit and do nothing. I choose to get up and step out in faith, trusting You to perform miracles ahead of me.” Let’s refuse to be fearful. Let’s step out in the faith that God has given us and know that when we worship Him, He will do the rest. We simply cannot go wrong with Him.

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