Tomorrow is the day… college graduation. Christmas is already a time where we can feel the air changing, getting prepared for a new year to begin. For some reason, adding graduation on top of all the change has filled me with an anxiety I can’t quite conquer this week. I’ve found myself frozen stiff at work, my heart beating at extreme paces the moment I wake up, and I can’t quite get a grip on myself. The only time I don’t feel this craziness is when I’m reading my Bible, talking to God, and spending time with family and friends. It’s almost like God is straight up forcing me to focus on what matters most this holiday season. When everything changes, we have to focus on what has always been there and what isn’t leaving any time soon.

I’ve said time and time again on this blog that God is a God of all seasons. He is in each and every one of them with us. He does not leave us. He does not forsake us. He is in the beginning and the end of all things. If you’re a subscriber to the She Reads Truth emails (you should be), you’ll get a new phone background every Sunday in the month of December. This week, the scripture on my phone reads, “What He opens, no one can close; what He closes, no one can open,” Isaiah 22:22. If this isn’t the most perfect verse for this week, I don’t know what is. God will start you where you need to be and end things exactly when they need to be ended. He is never late, never early. He’s right on time.

For some people, change is devastating. For others, change is always welcome. But when change arrives for anyone, there is a small sensation of uneasiness. Some of us thrive in this feeling and others (like me), tend to crumble. Sometimes we feel anxiety and have no idea where it’s coming from. I would describe my current emotions like I would when I was about to leave for Amsterdam a couple months ago. It’s literally like you’re about to go on this big trip by yourself and you’re freaking out that you didn’t pack everything. You never feel prepared enough before you go on a trip, and starting a new season of life is no different. I keep questioning myself, “Have I prayed enough? Did I fast enough? Did I spend enough time with God? Am I even ready for what is about to happen?”

The answer… no. You can never pray enough, you can never be prepared enough. That doesn’t mean that God isn’t prepared and preparing for you. No matter what sense of anxiety or any emotion you may feel about the changing season, God is right there with you. He’s already opened the door and made a way from you to move on from the old to the new. As nervous or scared as you might want to feel, God is making a way for you to feel peace on the other side. Focus on the constant, focus on what’s always been around, and you won’t have to fear anymore.

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