Yes… yes… yes. You read that right. I AM ENGAGED. Jon and I are beyond thrilled and I am so ecstatic to plan the rest of my life with this amazing man by my side. I know that I get to have a life of endless laughter now. I’m sure you all are wondering how it happened, did I know, what did the ring look like… so I am here to share it all with you. Enjoy the happiest day of Jon and I’s life thus far! x


The Build Up



My blog photographer, Annie Ryan Photography, also happens to be one of my best friends. Annie and Jon have been trying to figure out a way for me to have a blog photoshoot interrupted by the best surprise for the past two months. Annie texted me late November asking if I was available to shoot on December 16th for “Christmas or devotional pictures for the blog.” Of course, I was all down for it. As the week before it progressed, I started to pick up on a couple of hints but I honestly thought he wouldn’t even think of proposing until the new year.

Annie picked me up at my house after church (yes, Jon sat through an entire service with me) to bring me to the photoshoot spot. Meanwhile, Jon drove there straight after church and was literally hiding behind a tree for 30 minutes in the cold (I love him, really). We reached the spot and it all began…


The Proposal + The Ring



Annie started to get some pictures of me when my wonderful fiancé walked from behind the tree and of course, I instantly knew what was going to happen. He walked over to the rock I was standing on and the only thing I could think to say was, “Umm… hi. What are you doing here?” I immediately started crying and we kissed. Then he did the thing and got down on one knee. He pulled out the ring but I couldn’t even see it because my happy tears were blocking my eyes.

He said the sweet words only I could hear and then… the moment a girl waits for and dreams of… “Will you marry me?” I honestly am unsure of my response but I said “yes” something. I gave him a big ole sobbing hug and then he placed the most beautiful ring I have ever seen on my finger. You guys, I have been dreaming up this exact ring for years and now it is mine!! It is so wild.


Annie took some more beautiful pictures that I have included at the end of this post. I am so so grateful. It was such an intimate and precious proposal, like anything a girl could have dreamed of. It was in the most beautiful place that made Cincinnati feel like Central Park in NYC for just one small minute. As cheesy as it is, the whole world was ours and it was simply magical.


Our Date



Jon took me on a quick date to celebrate after that just felt so special. The whole day was absolutely full of surprises. We started off with a carriage ride through Cincinnati. This was extra special because my parents celebrated their engagement in the exact same way. After laughing, crying, and starting to dream up our future via a cute carriage ride, we were very hungry. We celebrated with tacos and guac (as you can see in my obnoxious pictures with my ring everywhere). Then we grabbed some celebratory drinks at our favorite coffee shop, 1215. We sat and chatted and called friends and family for an hour or so. Then he said the second most romantic words he had said all day, “should we go to Target?” (I tell you- I LOVE THIS MAN.) We ran over to Target for a little bit and looked at things that made us finally say, “let’s put this in our house!” And then he had one last surprise for the day…


The Surprise



We got back to my house and I saw cars lined all down the street and I knew that Jon was about to throw me the best surprise party EVER. We walked in the front door and I was actually shocked. All of mine and Jon’s closest friends and family were in my house… our favorite people there to celebrate with us. It was literally a dream come true. We spent the evening eating Jon and I’s favorite pizza, a beautiful charcuterie board, and the best desserts made my mother and sister. I had never felt so grateful, blissful, in love, and joyful in my entire life. I truly am the luckiest woman alive.



Thank you to everyone who sent us such sweet well wishings! We are so beyond happy and cannot wait to get married in the fall of 2019! I can’t wait to share blog posts on planning, styling an apartment, and more. 2019 is going to be full of amazing things! I love each and every one of you readers out there! Let’s do this! Enjoy the pictures below (click on pictures for full size)! x

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