After seeing dozens (or hundreds) of New Year’s posts… the concept can become a little daunting. Your cousin’s friend was already to the gym (every day this week) and your sister has already meal prepped for next week and cleaned out her house. The panic may begin to set in that you’ve already backtracked or have failed your “new you” mission. Stop. Right there. Even though everything seems like it’s beginning again, you are still the same person. I’m going to be a hypocrite and say that we have to stop pressuring ourselves to be new and just remind ourselves of who we are in the first place. Sometimes it’s not about what’s new, but what’s always been there.

The reason I call myself is a hypocrite is because I am obsessed with the new. New month, new season, new year, new makeup, new clothes… it’s a problem. It’s not that I am even a materialistic person, I just love the feeling of something new in my life. It’s surprising that I’m not this way with the people in my life. I’ve had the same friends for nearly a decade and I often have a hard time making new ones. New goals… a new schedule… I live for it. I love seasonal change and flipping over my planner to a new week, a new month.

I constantly blow up Jon’s phone with “new things” I am going to do. I let him know over and over that by the time we get married, I’ll look “new” (aka no acne and less jiggle in my belly). Every time he always responds, “but you’re so perfect now.” Change is good, friends. It’s what keeps the world turning and makes us human. But changing something that’s already “perfect…” that’s when we need to step back.

Humans can’t be perfect but in God’s eyes, we were made perfect thanks to Jesus. Not only did Jesus make us perfect but our original craft and design was in God’s image– who is perfect. God made that part of you that gets a little too emotional when they see someone in need, that part of you that gets angry when someone walks a little too slow, that part of you that thinks Kristen Wiig is the funniest person on the planet. He made each and every quality, quirk, and beautiful thing about you. What is there to make new when you’re already as good as it gets?

Alleviate that pressure of forcing yourself to change. Get rid of the bad habits, sure. But don’t change what makes you fundamentally human: flaws. It’s fine to tell yourself that you’ll go to the gym more, but if you don’t, it isn’t even close to the end of the world. You are perfectly and wonderfully made. We all have things we need to work on, but we can’t do them without God anyway. He holds our world in His hands and He is our Creator. Don’t get caught up in the need to change. Embrace who you already are and He will simply guide you along.

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