I’m going to be real with you all… I have been so unmotivated this month. I’ve barely gone to the gym, my room is in complete disarray, and I just feel a little mentally disorganized. While I have been getting some things done, I have let a lot of other things take a backseat. I’ve done this my entire life. I’ll be killing it at work and school but I haven’t seen my friends in a month or been to the gym in weeks. Having balance seems so impossible sometimes that you just want to close yourself off from the rest of the world and freeze. Well, stop right there. I’m going to give you all (and myself) some healthy motivation to not just keep going but to maybe not be so hard on yourself.

You don’t have to have it all together.

I’m starting out with this first because it is by far the best thing you can take away. Not only do you not have to have it all together, but it’s kind of impossible. I’m a big fan of social media but I think this is an illusion that is often caused by it. A lot of these Instagram professionals appear to have their life in complete control. They get their daily workout, they cook nearly every meal (or make Shake Shack look glam), and their outfits ( and even their kid’s outfits) are always on point. They put a ton of work into making their life look perfect so you can be “inspired” to do the same.

You don’t see the fight they had with their husband that morning or how their “perfect” dog vomited all over their bedroom floor in the middle of the night. Even their kid’s messes look cute thanks to presets and filters! But this just isn’t real. Look at your life through the lens on your phone through one day… you may quickly start to see how you can make your life appear neat and tidy too. You’re not going to have everything all in place at the same time, it’s just not how we function. The first part of motivating yourself  is to tell yourself it’s okay if not everything gets done today… or this week. Just try your best, not anyone else’s.


Take it one week… or day… at a time.

My favorite part of my morning is the to-do list I create. Sure, this may cultivate stress (it often has for me), but you can make it fun and relaxing by having a cute planner (one with inspirational quotes is a go-to for me), using colorful pens, and drinking a cup of coffee or tea while doing it. Creating a cozy environment while you’re planning your week (or day), makes life a little more joyful. Once you’ve established a sort of safe zone for yourself, you can tackle the tasks.

Make sure you are only planning what you can handle. If you can’t bother thinking about the whole month- just think about the week. If that’s too much, maybe just focus on today and tomorrow. Creating five to ten minutes in the morning to remind yourself of your priorities can not only help your head be on straight, but can also give you a better understanding of more realistic expectations of what you can actually handle. Don’t overbook yourself. That’s the key to feeling a little more at ease, and a little more “together.”


Just do the simple things.

Let’s say the thing that’s really bothering you is how untidy or disorganized your home is. No one really has time to dedicate an entire weekend to deep cleaning and re-organizing, so start small. Maybe once a day you tackle a room or even a corner of a room to clean or organize. Slowly but surely you will accomplish more and more and your house will get cleaner. Maybe the thing that’s bothering you is how you never get motivated enough to go to the gym every day. Start small! Promise yourself you’ll go for half an hour twice a week and build from there. Start simple and those choices will turn  into lifestyle changes.


What’s actually important to you?

This is such an important question. Don’t waste weeks or months, or even years on something that doesn’t matter to you. Take a moment to list out your priorities. Mine are currently: finding a full-time job, spending daily time with God, planning our wedding, being a better daughter, friend, and fiancé. So maybe going to the gym is put on the back burner for the day because my mom needs me to run errands for her. Maybe I don’t post enough on Instagram because I’d rather be helping Jon finish school. While you do have to clean, work, and eat, maybe it’s better to be caught up in the people you love rather than the tasks you need to accomplish. Find out what works best for you.

Don’t motivate yourself to be like someone you see on Instagram who seems to have their life together. Motivate yourself to accomplish your personal and daily goals— and set realistic expectations for yourself. Motivate yourself healthily and all else will fall into place. X

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