Do you ever just feel like you are constantly trying to catch up? Right when you land that awesome new job, find a great guy, or finish school, someone else is already promoted, engaged, or just that one step ahead of you… As frustrating as it is, that’s kind of the point of life. It’s really hard to find someone who was born on the exact same day and year as you (unless you’re a twin, then that’s pretty awesome). In the same way, it’s hard to find someone who is literally on the exact wavelength and progress in life. Comparison is always out there. We just really need to stop rushing to the end and start walking at the pace we were meant to.

I shared on Monday’s blog post how it’s okay to not totally have it all together. Having it “all together” is such an illusion and is often the source of jealousy or rushing through life. One of my best friends, Hannah, got engaged almost two years ago. She was the first of all of us to have a serious relationship and then to get engaged… and now, married. At first, all of my friends were just like “Whoa, this is weird. How are we old enough to have our best friend get married!?” As her wedding grew closer, a sense of panic began to soar through me. I wanted to be married/engaged too…

I’ve been pretty open about lowkey rushing Jon and I’s relationship along for a solid period of time. I just wanted that ring on my finger and the security of knowing who my future was going to be spent with. I am not alone. Every single one of my closest friends has felt a jolt or a yearning to be engaged. There was always this sense of “Hannah is so far ahead of us…” And then I realized that all of my friends lived alone but me. Then that made me act like a crazy person. I could not get out of the rut of wanting to be on the same page as everyone else.

But now here I am. Engaged to the love of my life and a college graduate. But here’s the thing, those feelings don’t just go away when you finally get what you think you want… there is always more. The solution is not to be married or have babies, it’s to spend time with God understanding what your journey is supposed to be. I had to realize this before Jon and I got engaged. I spent a lot… I mean, a lot… of time with God trying to understand the pace of my life. God slowly started to reveal some things and my heart and placed a phrase in my mind, “Why would you want to live anyone else’s love story but your own?”

And He was right (of course). Jon and I’s love story is my favorite love story, not anyone else’s. Your rise to the top of your company is your story. Buying your first home is your story. Why in the world would you want to live anyone else’s? You were uniquely created and made to live your own life and reach out to the people that only you can. Life takes crazy twists and turns, but the way that God has chosen you to navigate them is unique and beyond comparison. Stop trying to catch up and realize how beautiful your life and story truly are.

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