You don’t even have to be friends with me to know that I have a coffee addiction… just follow me on Instagram. I could seriously sit and drink coffee all day long (with or without the caffeine). On Jon and I’s first date, he took me to coffee before AND after our first date. When he ordered his coffee black I knew he was the one… (just kidding, but that’s pretty attractive and manly, in my opinion). Jon and I are lucky enough to go to a lot of different coffee shops in the area (AND THIS YEAR WE EVEN HAVE SOME FROM CHICAGO!!). We are so excited to share more of our favorites from this past year!


Urbana Cafe- Cincinnati, OH

What I Got: vanilla latte

What He Got: black coffee

Review: This is easily the cutest coffee shop I have ever been to. This is a coffee shop that focuses more on the actual coffee than the flavoring so there aren’t too many options if that’s your thing. The coffee was absolutely delicious and the atmosphere was by far my favorite.


Roebling Point Books and Coffee- Covington, KY

What I *Usually* Get: (I have been here many times…) iced lavender or vanilla latte

What He Got: iced caramel latte

Review: I actually frequent this place quite often because of its location. I worked down the street from this coffee shop for about 8 months last year, so it made it really easy to just stop by after or before work. Jon and I have also stopped by here a few times before we go to the zoo. I am slowly not becoming an iced latte fan because I really like bold coffee but this is one of the only places that actually changes my mind. I am not a huge fan of the iced lavender latte, but the vanilla (and caramel) are really fantastic. This is not a bad place to pick up a book either.



Collective Espresso- Cincinnati, OH

What I Got: latte

What He Got: black coffee

Review: Before I get started with this I am going to give you a warning- I had a horrible experience here. Jon and I went here one morning before going to the City Flea Market. I walked in and asked the barista if they had any syrups for their lattes. They were *super* rude and scoffed at me like I had deeply offended them. I ordered a plain latte (which I actually enjoy too… meanies) and it just wasn’t that good. Jon felt like his coffee was just okay as well. This place is not bad, maybe I just had a bad experience, but I probably won’t be stopping in here again.



Sidewinder Coffee- Cincinnati, OH

What I Got: vanilla latte

What He Got: Black coffee

Review: This place is a little out of the way from where Jon and I usually hang out, but we had heard great things about this place and it was only 10 minutes away from the museum we were going to that day. While this place was good, it wasn’t really worth the hike to get there. If you’re around the area, go stop in, but it’s not really a coffee shop that’s worth a drive for.



Iris Book Cafe- Cincinnati, OH

What I Got: the best iced caramel latte of my life

What He Got: the best iced caramel latte of his life

Review: This place is the unsung hero of the entire tour. Jon and I came in not really expecting much, just checking something off of our coffee list… and bam. We drank the best iced lattes that have probably ever been on Earth (I’m guessing). The coffee was robust and amazing and the caramel was juuuust perfect. When the weather turns warm again, you need to run here and grab yourself one because they are UNREAL.



Analog Coffee Bar at Carabello- Newport, KY

What I Got: Candyland coffee mocktail

What He Got: black coffee

Review: This might just be the coolest coffee shindig in the northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area. They serve coffee straight up with pour overs, espresso shots, and many other ways I’m not fancy enough to know. But here’s the catch: they also have a rotating seasonal menu of coffee mocktails that are INSANE. The drink I had was made with candy cane syrup, vanilla bitters, cream, and espresso. It also had some cute gumdrops skewered on the top for decoration. Every single thing they have on their mocktail menu is invented created by the baristas and an absolute experience. (Jon and I are friends with one of the baristas but it doesn’t make us biased… this place is that good.)



Intelligentsia Coffee- Chicago, IL

What I Got: vanilla latte

What He Got: black coffee

Review: Okay, so I know now that this place is a chain that’s located in the biggest cities in America (Chicago, LA, NYC). I don’t really like to include chains as a part of this but I think because it’s not a Starbucks level chain, it’s okay too. This latte hit the spot on a chilly day in Chicago before we went to check out the Bean and did some shopping. Jon didn’t think his was anything crazy special but I thought mine was pretty dang good. I honestly couldn’t taste the vanilla in it but I didn’t care because the taste of the espresso was so delicious.



Hero Coffee Bar- Chicago, IL

What I Got: lavender mocha

What He Got: black and white mocha (mocha with white chocolate)

Review: This place was so freaking good. I took one sip of mine and was instantly in heaven. Jon got a tiny version of his latte and drank it faster than I have ever seen him do. He was mad at himself for not getting a bigger one. This shop felt super urban and hip but you could tell they were there for the coffee and any cool drink combinations they could think of. You definitely have to check this place out if you ever go to Chicago!


I hope you all enjoyed this year’s coffee tour with me and Jon! This time next year, we will be married and probably drinking even more coffee!! Thanks so much for joining us! x

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