I feel as though there is always an internal battle between wanting to be an adult and wanting to stay a kid. In middle school, you want to have a phone like the older kids and you want to have a boyfriend so you can seem cool but you still want to watch Disney Channel without people knowing. In high school, you want the privileges of being an adult but the last thing you want is to think about paying bills. And now that I am 21… the last thing I want is to grow up. Of course, I am excited about getting married, starting my career, being able to decorate my own home… But does that mean I have to stop watching Moana once a week!? (Yes, this is something I consistently think about.) I like to think that I am the perfect combination of an old lady and child, but sometimes it’s difficult to figure out which part of yourself you should really channel, especially when it comes to God…

Matthew 18:3 says, “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” This is kind of a scary statement to start out with, I know. Just give me a second to explain. Children are notoriously curious, right? They ask 5,000,000 questions and follow-up questions and it can sometimes grate your nerves. After 600 “why?” in one conversation, it can really grate your nerves. But that’s also the best thing about children, they just want to soak up all the knowledge you can give them because their world is wide open.

Adults, on the other hand, have been through some things. Maybe that’s why we get so annoyed when kids ask all those questions. We’ve seen tragedy, had a hard day at work, been disappointed… We get tired of knowing because a lot of times, it just hurts. So we back off, we ignore the news, we simply go about our lives. It is only when we grow angry or we are broken up with or an opportunity is given to someone else that we suddenly begin to ask “why” again.

But the reason children are so wholesome and pick up on things so quickly and literally have magic in their eyes is because they stay curious. Curiosity is the key to growing your relationship with God. Christine Caine wrote that “being curious, like a child, is how we keep the wonder of God placed in our hearts to continually seek Him, learn, and grow.” Curiosity helps us to pursue the Word and to try and understand God deeper. Curiosity helps to cultivate a deeper understanding of the people around us and helps us grow our ability to empathize.

Curiosity is not just for children. It not only grows your relationship with God and others but also helps to challenge you in your career and the way in which you see the world. Embrace your child-like behavior. See things from a new and magical perspective. Yearn for more information and you will desire more of God.

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