Since yesterday was International Women’s Day… I figured we would keep the party going with the next two (!) blog posts! The world is literally filled to the brim with inspirational women in our time and in the past. These women have so many job titles and so many ways to encourage us. Let’s dig into some of my favorite inspirational women in the Bible! x



There isn’t much the Bible has to say about Anna, but what it does say is powerful and inspiring. Luke 2:36-38 describes Anna as an older lady of the age of 84. She was a prophet who lost her husband after only seven years of marriage, living the rest of her life as a widow. It says, “She never left the temple but worshiped night and day, fasting and praying.” And then… she prophesized about the coming of Jesus.

While it’s not likely we can sit in church all day worshiping (we gotta work at some point), the dedication Anna had to God should lift your spirit. She spent her life worshiping God with everything she had and with everything she was. If we could just honor God in all of the things that we do and the things that we say, we could be just a little more like Anna.



Abigail was described as beautiful and intelligent but unfortunately married to a rich jerk. Her wisdom can teach all of us a really good lesson. The entirety of her story is simply a tale on how to speak with the words of wisdom and not with the words of anger. She was extremely cautious about her words and the way she approached all situations, including her husband’s attitude. Women are stereotyped with gossiping and showing cattiness to one another, and that’s not too far from the truth. If we were more like Abigail, we would watch the way in which we spoke to one another and about each other more.



First of all, Deborah is a freaking boss. Just a reminder: women in Biblical times were treated as property and usually not allowed to hold leadership positions within the government OR their communities. But Deborah… she wasn’t just a leader. She led a whole dang army. God used her to communicate to male leadership that they needed to finally take a stand against the harsh and oppressive leadership of Israel at the time. She could have ran away or turned the other cheek. Can you imagine how scary it would have been to be a woman of that time and approach a general and tell him to COUP the leadership!?

We often doubt that God has really said something to us or meant for us to move. We sit around waiting for three signs to make sure what He said was actually legit. Deborah was not a hesitator, she was a regular ear to the voice of God and moved when He said to. She was courageous and stood up for what the Lord believed was right. We can all be a little bit more like Deborah and run straight into the fire rather than run in the opposite direction.


I hope these women encourage you like they encouraged me. They are often not women that are openly talked about in a church service or a book you read. But they are stand-alone testaments to the way God uses all of us- women and men. I definitely hope to me more like these women going forward. x

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