Happy International Women’s Month! I absolutely love celebrating the amazing women who have inspired me whether they are historical figures or the real MVPs in my life. For those of you that love Galentine’s Day, this month is literally an excuse to celebrate the entire month long! Here are some ideas on how you can celebrate the women who love and support you. x


Throw a party!

Just like a good Galentine’s Day bash… you could throw a party or host a brunch/dinner that celebrates the amazing women in your life. You could host it for your friends or for family members. Even just inviting your mom and grandma out to a Saturday breakfast on you is such a huge way of thanking them for being such inspiring women. I LOVE hosting parties. There is something so fun to me about working together a bunch of small details and having the people you love gathering together in your home. If you’ve got that hostess bug, there is an entire month to celebrate the different groups of women who have influenced you!


Send a note.

This is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to show someone you care. I absolutely adore getting and sending snail mail. There is something so nostalgic and precious about getting a handwritten note from someone. I guarantee the person you send a small note too will feel so thought of and appreciated. This is actually a pretty cheap way as well. You can buy stamps online (or you can choose to simply give them the note in person or leave it on their desk) and Target has some really cheap and beautiful stationary for you to send!


Give them a sweet gift.

Depending on her love language, getting your gal pal or inspiration a gift might be just the trick to show them how much you appreciate them. I created a great gift guide for your Galentine’s that could honestly work just the same for this occasion. International Women’s Month is all about celebrating the history of who we are and the people that got us to where we are. Showing support through a small gift is the least we can do as a little thank you!


Send some flowers.

What woman doesn’t like getting flowers sent to them?? It is a legit fantasy of mine to get flowers sent to my home or at work. Okay… I understand not everyone sees the joy in flowers like I do (but most people surely do). If you know for a fact the lady you are sending doesn’t like flowers, you could always send an Edible Arrangement instead! Honestly, either of them sounds amazing to me!


Use your phone!

It doesn’t take money to show someone how much you appreciate their existence! Simply give them a call or send a well-thought text showing your gratitude. Encourage the woman who has encouraged you! Women often have a bad habit of tearing one another down because we feel like there isn’t enough room for all of us. Do the opposite this month and build up some amazing women you know!


I hope each and every one of you has an amazing Women’s Month! Whether you are a guy or a gal, it just takes a few moments of thoughtfulness to let the women you know how incredibly brilliant they really are! x

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