I never fully understood the concept of weekends until this past fall when I was going to school or work early every morning—except for the weekend. I had worked throughout the entire weekend and had days off during the week since I had graduated high school. My schedule was completely off from the rest of the world’s and I kind of loved it. I started my first full-time job a couple of weeks ago and I finally understand the meaning of “weekend.” I think it’ll take some time to master it, so this post is really for all of us here. The weekend swoops by so quickly, but here are some ways you can make the most out of your weekend.


Get Some Exercise

This is something that has always been super difficult for me to do when I jam pack my weeks, but it’s something that is super important. My mom and I signed up for an Orange Theory being built by my house this past weekend and I have promised myself it will become a part of my Saturday morning routine the minute it opens (which I am highly likely to stick to because of the $$$ investment). It’s such a good way to jolt yourself back from a long 8-5 week and a lovely way to be extra nice to yourself. Weight-lifting and cardio not your thing? Try a weekly yoga class or just take a walk around your neighborhood during the warmer months (which is right around the corner!).


Cook a Meal or Bake

Baking (cookies, specifically) is one of my absolute favorite things to do whenever I’m bored or just in the mood. It gives you the absolute delicious satisfaction of “getting something done” without really having done anything on your to-do list at all. Plus, Jon’s face when I surprise him with a random cookie bake is the best thing ever. Cooking a meal can also do the same thing. If you live with other people, help it create a time to gather and just be together. Or go over to a friend or family members and cook with them!


Spend Time with the People You Love

Just like cooking can bring people together, spending quality time with those you love is a sure-fire to put you in a better mood on Monday. I love spending the weekend playing games with my family, eating tacos with my friends, or watching a movie with Jon. My love language is quality time and I can’t help but feel bubbly and happy after a weekend full of people I love.


Get Those Chores Done

Nothing stresses me out more than having unfinished chores on a Monday. And do I currently have unfinished chores and am I not following my own advice? You bet. Doing those chores (big or small) that you have on your mind throughout the week can really help alleviate worry and stress when Monday rolls around. You deal with enough at work, so don’t let your home create that same environment. Tidy up a little. I tell ya, nothing will be better than fresh sheets on a Monday night.


Try a New Restaurant

This is something Jon and I do quite frequently since there are so many amazing places to eat in our city (and they keep popping up). We have so much fun going someplace new or somewhere we haven’t been in a while. It helps the weekend feel even more special and personally makes me feel more inspired throughout my work week. I have a decently creative job, so any change of pace helps me feel ready to re-start myself on Monday.


Look Up Fun Things Going on In Your Town

For those of you that live in a small town… I apologize. This is more for us people who live in bigger cities or cities that tend to celebrate everything—which Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky does. There is seriously always something fun and exciting happening. Farmer’s markets, festivals, art shows… the list is endless. Now that the winter weather is starting to roll away, there is guaranteed to be something new and fun going on in your town this weekend (or any weekend).


Rest… and Repeat

This is the most important thing you should do with your weekend. Depending on your job, your relationship status, or how many kids you have… your week can be mega stressful. Make sure you spend at least one night of your weekend doing something that totally zens you out. For me, it’s TV. I love watching TV with my family or Netflix binging (I watched all of Queer Eye Season 3 this weekend, for example) during the weekend. It also helps to put on a face mask, take a bath, or eat your favorite comfort food. Just… chill. It’s the weekend, after all.


I hope you all enjoyed this post and are ready and geared up for another weekend (it’s only 4 days away… we got this)! The weekend is the perfect time slot to get yourself ready to change the world, no matter what job you have. We should enjoy it and truly make the most of it! x

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