Let’s be honest—sometimes life can be super frustrating. Life is incredibly unpredictable, and things often don’t go the way we planned. Tragedy strikes at the worst possible time (as if there was ever a good time) and things we set out to achieve sometimes don’t end up getting done. The current world we live in is very set on “do what makes you happy” or “you can do anything you set your mind to.” And while these statements do have some truth and importance to them, they leave out one major thing: sometimes God wants you to do what He had in mind and not something you had in mind. Harsh, I know. But I promise… by the end of this post, you’ll want what God has for you anyway.

Since Easter is only a month away, I figured I would go ahead and give you the most inspirational story ever about God doing something for our good through someone who didn’t really want to do it—Jesus. Yes, even Jesus would have rather avoided what God’s plan was for Him. But because He was sinless and could not turn away from God, He faced the most terrible death with grace and humility. Matthew 26:39 says, “[Jesus] went a little farther and fell on His face, and prayed, saying, “O My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from Me; nevertheless, not as I will but as you will.”

Jesus begged God several times that if it could be done another, for it to be done another way. He prayed so hard that his sweat became blood. He was begging at the feet of God for a different path, but He slipped one phrase in there that changed our lives and relationship with God forever. “Nevertheless, not as I will but you will.” Nevertheless. Jesus knew the end goal, but He was terrified. He had spent a life in service to God and changing the world and now it had to end like this? We know that Jesus had to have been experiencing these emotions because He was human.

Jesus knew something that we often struggle with—God’s will is a perfect will. No matter what tragedy, devastation, loss, or confusion that is thrown our way, God knows how it will ultimately work for His good. God’s plan is filled with more purpose and fulfillment than we can dream up in our own lives. That career you thought you might have wanted? God has something better. That person you thought you were supposed to spend your life with? God knows what purpose they will serve. He wrote our stories before we were born, and His way is truly the best way.

If we can just look at life through the same lens as Jesus and simply say “nevertheless, your will be done,” our lives will be removed of disappointment and pointed to what is truly better for us. The career God designed for you may help you to reach so many more people than you could have in the career you designed for yourself. And who knows? You might have been miserable in that career down the road!? God knows the answer. Step back, say “nevertheless” more, and be more willing to take a leap of faith.

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