Yes… that’s correct. A taco tour! I feel as though I have been to a dozen or so different taco places in the past year because it is not only my favorite food but my best friends and Jon’s. We eat tacos more than we probably should but I honestly think we could care less. Anyway, I wanted to show you around Cincinnati via the amaaaazing taco restaurants we have in this beautiful city! Let’s go! x




Ok, so Bakersfield is technically a chain now and I usually count that as not being a “real” taco place, but it’s too good and too much of a go-to not to mention. This was one of the first places to open at the Over-the-Rhine District of Cincinnati began to grow into what it is today. This was also my first experience of a “taco place” rather than a traditional Mexican restaurant. Here are my favorite items from Bakersfield:

  • Side/Starter: Guacamole. It has a slight hint of jalapenos in it and only one other place surpasses its deliciousness.
  • Taco: Cochinita Pibil or the Pollo Asado (no onions on either).




This is the “fancy” taco place of Cincinnati since it’s placed on the outskirts of the Business District and right next to Aronoff Theater. Again… this is technically a small chain now (sorry). While I do think Nada is good, there are just so many other places throughout Cincinnati that have caught my heart and my tastebuds. However, it does have some pretty cute vibes. A lot of people do really love Nada as it’s usually packed in there all day long. So here are my favorite items:

  • Side/Starter: Nada’s Mac n’ Cheese (those jalapenos are glorious).
  • Taco: Al Pastor.


Picture was taken from Nada’s website.


Mazunte Taqueria


Brace yourselves… this is the best taco place in Cincinnati. Hands. Down. It is the holy grail of all tacos and you must eat here ASAP. It’s probably one of the only taco places in Cincinnati that really looks and feels like authentic Mexican. There is no messing around here and honestly anything you eat will be insanely good. But, here are my favorites anyway:

  • Side/Starter: Guacamole + chips. Literally, the best I’ve ever eaten.
  • Taco: I like getting these three together as a part of the Mixed Tacos: pork, chicken, dorados (just try one of these for me and you will be very happy).


Gomez Salsa


Although Mazunte is #1 in my heart, Gomez is an *extremely* close #2. Although Mazunte overall is my favorite, Gomez has the BEST taco I’ve ever eaten here. They are the queens of mix-and-matching tacos and really creating something that is unique and delicious to fit your tastebuds. And honestly… it’s just really really good.

  • Side/Starter: Guacamole.
  • Taco: Chicken taco done Southwest style (it’s super hot, so be careful).




Just like Gomez, this is a taco place where you can truly customize your experience. It also has some super cool vibes and is located right on the Banks. They have a dozen or so queso options, salsa/sauce options, and hundreds of different taco combinations so you can truly make your own. If I’m going to be completely honest, I can’t really remember what taco combination I got, but you can’t really go wrong. Same thing with the kind of queso you choose.


Three Amigos


This place is located in the heart of Mt. Adams (one of my favorite towns here in Cincy) and is pretty dang delicious. The tacos are really simple and they are totally allowed to be because the meat is so dang good. I would highly suggest not going here on a weekend night… they are pretty low staffed (this place BLEW UP overnight) and it took us a BIT to get our food. But I’m sure any other night of the week it’s perfect.

  • Side/Starter: Queso.
  • Taco: pulled pork… a true blessing.


Frida 602


This is a funky little place located in Mainstrasse Covington (not technically Cincinnati, but whatever). Not only is this the perfect place for a spring/summer day, but they also have some of the weirdest and most delicious combinations I’ve seen on a taco menu. If you’re looking for a place where you can have weird and classic, definitely go here.

  • Side/Starter: Brussel Sprouts. I know I sound crazy… but seriously. I’m a super picky eater and I still think about these sometimes before I fall asleep. They put the perfect amount of seasoning/sauce on these to make them out-of-this-world.
  • Taco: I actually prefer their chicken quesadilla. It’s huge (meant for two) and delicious.

Picture was taken from Cincinnati Magazine.


Agave + Rye


Okay, so I know I said that Frida 602 was funky… but Agave + Rye takes it to a whole new level. This quirky place is also located in Covington and can feature anything from sausage to meatballs to shredded chicken on a taco. But no matter what you get, it’s going to be delicious. Take your tastebuds on a crazy adventure here.

  • Side/Starter: Guacamole.
  • Taco: The Queen Tinga.

Picture was taken from


I hope you all enjoyed this Taco Tour and take it upon yourself to visit some of these amazing places. You really can’t go wrong here… tacos (aside from our German heritage) seem to be the main attraction in this beautiful city. x

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