So I officially entered my T-Swift year last week and I still can’t get “22” out of my head. Turning 22 has been super weird for me. I remember hearing this song in high school and thinking how far away it was and how mature and fun being 22 must be. Don’t get me wrong, I’m having a blast. And honestly, on paper, I seem like I could be a real adult. I’m a college graduate, I have a full-time job, I’m engaged… but I still feel like a kid. So what in the world is “feelin’ 22” all about, anyway?

Here’s the thing: 22 looks a lot different on each person. Two of my best friends turned 22 last year (and my other BFF is turning 22 this summer), and each of our lives is different but share a few things—our love for being around the people we care for and being truly dedicated to our passions. We are still traveling the world/country, starting/continuing our careers, falling in love, and eating lots of tacos. From an outsiders perspective, we may look like we really have our crap together… but that’s the other thing about being 22, you don’t have to. So here are the 5 things you should be/should be doing when you’re 22:



“Joy” is always such a weird word. People often equate joy with happiness when they’re completely different. Happiness is a temporary emotion caused by your surroundings, but joy is often a permanent state of mind, no matter what situation you find yourself in. Being 22 can suck sometimes. You still don’t have a full grasp on yourself and you may feel intense pressure to start acting like an adult. You may have faced tragedy, battled your own mind, or felt like your life was supposed to look different than it does right now. This is the time where we look beyond our emotions and dig deep to find the joy-sparking (thanks Marie Kondo) moments in life.


Figuring yourself out

Honestly, there’s no deadline for this. I’m pretty sure being human is just constantly figuring yourself out as your environments and pressures change throughout the years. How you react in certain situations, what are you interested in, etc. changes based on your surroundings. But your morals, ethics, what you believe in—those are sturdy. Challenge yourself to understand your boundaries and stay unwavering in what you believe.


Trying new things

There is literally no better time than to have some crazy adventures. Hop on a plane and just go somewhere with your best friend, try on a dress you would never wear, start a new hobby. We are still young, with our whole lives ahead of us, and now is a better time than you’ve ever had to just go out there and try something new.


Switching it up

This is a little bit simpler than anything else on this list but something I can super relate to right now. Just like you should be trying a new adventure… try changing up your routine. Eat something different for dinner, cut or dye your hair, change your nightly routine. We’re still so young and for those of us who are young and married or have their career—doing something like this can help remind us how we can still be young and spontaneous. This is for my fellow grandmas who find a new face mask a thrill. I see you…


Learning to love yourself and others

This is absolutely the most important thing you can possibly do when turning 22. You can’t love other people, go on crazy adventures, run after the stars if you hate who you are. You were created and made in absolute love by God. The most important thing you can do in adulthood is run after who you are and love that person no matter what. Then, you can begin to truly love the people around you and take the leaps of faith that come with being a young adult.


Even If you’re not turning 22 any time soon or well beyond 22… this is for you. We are never too young to take a step back and learn to love ourselves and this beautiful, crazy life God has created for us. I know this isn’t the typical devotional I would post, but I just feel as though God has crafted us to always be youthful and full of life—no matter our age. No matter your age, I pray you find your joy and learn to love yourself a lot more this year.

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