This weekend was my bachelorette weekend and I had the BEST time ever. I got to spend two nights with my best friends and it might honestly have been the best weekend of my life (except for the one where I got engaged, of course). This blog post is for you to take a look at some of the fun we got up to and the AMAZING work my sister, future sister, and best friends put in to truly make me feel so special! Enjoy! x




Just so you’re aware… this entire thing was an absolute surprise to me. I had no idea about any of the details… my sister just told me what to pack. So when I walked into a super cutely decorated Airbnb (which I hardly took pictures of because I was having too much fun) with all my closest people cheering for me as I walked in, I almost wanted to cry. Then I was shown to my room which was decked out in goodies and truly represented so many of my favorite things. I already knew that this was going to be the best weekend yet.


After I put my stuff away, I actually took a closer look at all of the cute things my sister and friends (and mom) had done to make this place pop. From a photo wall to banners, to a DECKED OUT mimosa bar (with every kind of fruit and juice and GUMMY BEARS)… I was geeking.


Aaaaand the night BEGAN! We all took a bunch of pictures together with a Polaroid and then headed to my favorite taco place, Mazunte!


After stuffing our faces, we headed out for the most epic girl’s night I have ever had. Karaoke with wigs, dancing till we were dripping in sweat, and then eating pizza and chatting until the wee hours. The best Friday night I’ve ever had.




Waking up Saturday morning was just another confirmation of how SPOILED I am by my amazing sister who planned this whole thing and my friends and family who helped. She so sweetly and gently woke me up with a cup of coffee and led me downstairs to a breakfast of all my favorites (fruit, chocolate chip scones, bacon… could it get better?).


After breakfast, we changed and headed out to yoga! Let me tell you… probably the most fun/intense regular yoga class I’ve ever taken. Since it was just me and my girls, we laughed so hard and the instructor was one of the greatest people I ever met (she played Iggy during yoga, y’all). And then she literally tucked us in and sprayed essential oils everywhere and we lowkey napped for a solid twenty minutes.

After having an amazing workout, we went to lunch at Press on Monmouth in Newport, KY! I had a buffalo chicken sandwich and salad with a Nutella latte and it was so dang good.


We then went over to an art museum where we laughed so hard and so loud, that I’m surprised we didn’t get kicked out. And then it was time for a cozy night in. We played some bachelorette games, card games, put on face masks and stuffed ourselves with lasagna and garlic bread. A truly wonderful last night to this epic bash.





After packing everything up, we ended with a brunch at Keystone in which I literally ate what I do every time I go there instead of trying the brunch… a girl knows what she wants. Everyone headed their separate ways except for my sisters (and future sis!) who joined me for coffee and a quick spurt of shopping before we realized we were pooped.


I seriously can’t even begin to tell you how great of a time I had. I wish I captured more pictures (I didn’t even get one with my sister….), but we were just laughing up a storm. I hope you have people in your life that love you this much to throw you the party of a century. If not… I’ve got a couple of suggestions for you. 😉 Thanks for joining me!

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