Yes, yes. I know Mother’s Day was yesterday but I am trying really hard to get back into your regular scheduled Monday posts… so here we are. I don’t about you all, but I love my momma in an unreal way. As you get older, you continue to see your mom in new and beautiful ways. I know that when I become a mom, my appreciation for what she has done will simply skyrocket. My mother is a pillar of faith not just in our household, but to countless women. She is kind, humorous, and so so thoughtful. She always speaks her mind but it is always full of wisdom and genuine thought and care. So I thought to celebrate Mother’s Day, I would give you a couple of lessons my momma taught me (sorry, Mom… you’re probably gonna cry).


Family is Greater

My mom taught me that you can minister more by being a good sister, mother, daughter, than standing on a stage and preaching to thousands. While she had been quietly teaching me this my entire life, I had subconsciously put it to the side of my mind because I wanted my career to be second to Jesus, rather than third to family.

I had wanted to be in ministry for a while and then I stepped into public relations- both extremely time demanding careers. It was so so easy to get swept up in the work that I forgot that I had an amazing family living in the same house as me. My mom was having numerous conversations with me throughout this time of the importance of your family being first but I continued to brush it aside.

That was until someone asked me what kind of mom I wanted to be. “Like my mom, of course!” But what made my mom so good at being a mother? When she was there, she was really there. My mom worked and was super involved in ministry while we were growing up but I never once felt ignored, neglected, or like she wasn’t always there. My mom remained fully present in our lives and when we needed her, she chose us first. I’m sure it wasn’t always that easy and maybe it didn’t work out that way every single time, but I don’t recall any different. Family is the most important thing and my mom continues to remind me of that every day.


You Can Do Anything

You know when you’re a teenager and for some reason, you get mad when your parents say you’re awesome!? Yeah, that was me always because my parents were seriously so attentive, kind, and encouraging. My mom has encouraged every career I have wanted and has dug deep and researched and sent me articles to help me be better at what I wanted to do. From being an actress to a teacher to a blogger to being in public relations… she (and my dad) were there rooting me on. I know how lucky I am to have this, believe me. But she has not only inspired me to do anything I set my mind to but to encourage others to feel that same confidence she gave me.


Your Choices Have Consequences

I know what you’re thinking… sounds harsh. But in reality, it’s harsher to allow your children to feel like you are always going to be able to fix it when that isn’t always possible. My mom taught me that sometimes you just have to deal with the hard stuff, not as a punishment, but because it makes you a better person.

I didn’t work a job until the very last month of my senior year in high school. I was killing it in my academics (just being honest 😉 ) and doing a million after-school activities to help me earn a scholarship and to teach me important things I needed for my future. My plan was for me to keep focusing on my academics until my junior year in college. Then… I got in a car wreck. The second one in a month. After just paying $3,000 to fix my car, I totaled it. Not only did I total my car, but it was also my maternal grandpa’s car who had passed away only a year before.

My mom was heartbroken and mad, obviously. I had been driving for less than a year and had managed to skyrocket our insurance and do some serious financial damage. Although my parents were always there to support me, they had to teach me that they can’t always clean up my mistakes. So then I got a job. I kept working and working really hard and never stopped. My mom didn’t force me to work or hold me hostage for low-key being the worst daughter ever. But she did tell me that my actions have consequences and they can’t always be removed with a magic wand. And that was truly healing.


She helped me to be more careful in making decisions but more confident after I had done them. She set such a beautiful example before me that I was able to build up strong morals, a strong relationship with God, a strong work ethic, and truly a better life because of her. She has taught me how critical it is to love those around you and that most of the time, the only thing holding myself back is me. She is the biggest supporter and champion to everyone and dang… am I lucky God made her daughter or what? Keep on squeezing your momma if you still have her and … Happy Mother’s Day, mom.

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