Hello and welcome to another favorites post! This month we are going to flashback to 2018 and do a text post! I’ve had so much fun making videos this year but sometimes it’s just good to go back to where you started. The month of June was suuuuper rainy and the perfect temperature (in stark comparison to the HEAT we have now). I hope you had a lovely June and you enjoy this week’s post! x




Okay, before I get into this section, all of the products listed here were kindly gifted to me by Boden. I am currently a summer partner with them! But here’s the catch, they didn’t ask me to make a blog post for them so I actually genuinely love these clothes enough to write about them! 🙂

Boden Fluted Hem Jersey Skirt in Navy- I’ve never been much of a skirt-wearing kind of girl but recently, I can’t get enough of them. This skirt is seriously one of the comfiest pieces of clothing I own (PJ-status) and works with almost any type of outfit.

Boden Rosamund Wrap Top in Ivory Scattered Dot- This may honestly be one of my favorite shirts I own. This blouse is super flattering thanks to the little wrap that cinches in exactly the right place. I’ve been in great need of more work shirts and this is perfect for office wear and a girl’s night out (I know this as a fact because I have worn it to both).

Boden Angelica Top in Red Pop Daisy Cloud- This was a shirt I was a little risky to go towards because of the color. I’m not one to reach for color if you couldn’t tell by my Instagram feed (navy is as wild as it gets). I’m so glad I did go for this one because it is so cute and so flattering tucked in or not. Boden seriously hits the ball out of the park with each and every one of their pieces.




Bath and Body Works Rose Perfume- You’re in luck… this mist is always around (well, for now)! This perfume smells so clean and heavenly and exactly like a rose. If you like light and floral scents, I definitely recommend reaching for this one.

Tarte Blot Party On-The-Go Mattifiers- Here’s the good news: my face is no longer super dry. Here’s the bad news: my face is now oily again. Thankfully we have a powder and oil blotter all in one kit to help fix me. I never even knew something like this existed and I am so dang happy it does.

Tarte Eyebrow Arch Architect- My eyebrows have been annoying the heck out of me recently.  No matter how much I pluck or trim, they have been refusing to cooperate. That is until I discovered this baby. This product helps me line my brows exactly the way I want them and seal them up when they are done. My brows have honestly never looked better! They don’t have this exact product listed on their website, so I linked their Amazonian Clay Waterproof brow pencil, which I’m sure is close to the product I have!



Smoothie King- As the wedding creeps closer and closer, I am eating way fewer fun (aka unhealthy) foods. I made the bold move back in February to order my dress a little on the snug side and now I’m paying the price. So, in the meantime, my treat has been Smoothie King. Not that this healthy in any way, but it’s a little bit better than going for 3 extra slices of pizza than I should have been. Anyway, one opened up close(ish) to where I live and has been making me very happy this past month. That’s pretty much it.




My new teapot- Part of being greeted into the Airbnb we were staying at for my bachelorette in May included being gifted with some super cute things. This adorable teapot was one of them. I’ve made a lot more tea in June than I normally do thanks to it being a little chillier than normal. This teapot is so stinking adorable and I can’t wait to have it on display in my apartment.


CaseApp phone cases- If you didn’t know already… I love CaseApp cases. The heavy-duty ones work exactly like an Otterbox with a whole lot more cuteness. Not only can you choose from HUNDREDS of amazing designs, but you can also create your own!! These cases were kindly gifted to me by CaseApp and they have also been super kind to give you 20% off when you use the code DENIM20 until August 1st!!



Rocket Man- In case you forgot, I’m a movie fiend. I also love love love classic rock. From The Beatles to Queen and everything in between. Sir Elton John is no exception. This movie was absolutely amazing. Fair warning: there are a few inappropriate scenes and some language. But if you can work past that and get to the music and some incredible acting, you will be super happy and love it just as much as I did.

Glee- I’ve been in a very musical mood this past month so I decided to re-watch all of Glee in one month… As a theatre kid, this show uplifts my spirit and takes me back to high school and all of the good/bad memories that came with it. This is my guilty pleasure. Don’t judge.

Toy Story 4- Yep… Toy Story 4 came out and it was amazing. It was something no one asked for but I quickly realized we needed. 2019 is the year of Disney and this is no exception to their huge movie lineup this year (Avengers: End Game, Aladdin, Spiderman, Lion King, Frozen II, Star Wars… need I say more?). Go. See. This. You’ll laugh and if you’re like me, you may also sob. But what’s a good Pixar movie without some tears?


I hope you all enjoyed this month’s abbreviated favorites list! From now on I will be doing a seasonal post on my favorites, so you can really see what made it to the top of my list and what’s worth having! Stay tuned for my next favorites post in September! x

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