Yep, I jumped the Christian Enneagram bandwagon. But dang… it was about time. Not only have I seen about every female near my age posting cute graphics about their Enneagram type, but every Christian podcast I listen to or YouTuber I watch is always talking about it. I’m the kind of person who refuses to jump on a bandwagon as long as I can, but when I heard how it was impacting people’s marriages and friendships… I threw in the towel for the sake of the people I loved ;). So I buckled down and took the test and learned a whole bunch about myself. While learning I realized there might be a couple of things you could take from my type (what a 1 thing to say), even if you’re the complete opposite. So let’s dig in! x

Before I get started, I just want you to know that I am not an expert. I’ve taken a few tests and spent a couple of hours scrolling and reading on the Enneagram Institute website. Practically everything I am about to talk about are things I already knew about myself (I’m just trying to be ~trendy~ ok?). If you know nothing about Enneagrams, a type 1 is nicknamed “The Reformer.” We like justice, we like balance, we loooooove order. Think of me as Justice Sandra Day O’Connor if you like. We strive to be the most ethical, morally balanced people depending on our own personal views. Because of this, we develop a severe need to be perfect, causing us to be overly critical of ourselves and other people. But, have no fear. Because of my “9 wing,” I am actually “The Idealist.” I bring peace and justice, or so I like to think.

These are the very basic aspects of my personality. But if you’re not a type 1, you’re probably thinking, “wow, they do not like to have fun” or you’re imaging all the problems I’m about to bring to the table. It’s totally fine for you to have those thoughts. Here’s the thing: the issues one Enneagram type has… we all have. We are people who have tendencies in certain directions. Without further ado, here are the top three revelations for type 1s that could probably impact you too:


Avoid the moodiness in your stress.

Okay, so type 1s lean toward moody and emotional behavior when they are stressed, but who doesn’t? Stress brings out the worst in all of us. We say things we never meant to say, treat people way worse than we would have otherwise, and are just generally the ugliest versions of ourselves. It’s easy to say “hey, don’t be mean” to you now. It’s easy to think “yeah, I’m gonna be nicer when I’m stressed” when you’re not stressed. But the minute it overtakes you, you snap and realize it only too late. I simply challenge you to actually realize it and learn to apologize if you have let the moment overtake you. Tell the person you barked at that your sorry, and genuinely mean it. The more you watch yourself and analyze your reactions, the better you will get at controlling them.


Remove the veil of criticism.

The biggest negative character trait of a one? Overly critical. Not just of others, but also themselves. We are perfectionists. We are striving to be like Jesus, which is a good thing until we mentally abuse ourselves at the thought of messing up. As humans, we all need to learn to just chill. We have to stop taking every criticism or dumb thing we do so hard. We have to stop trying to achieve perfection in front of our parents, friends, or on social media. We also have to stop doing the same to others. That person may not act how you would, but that doesn’t mean they are any less valued by God. And guess what? Neither are you. There is nothing you can do to increase or decrease God’s love. He is already so so deeply obsessed and in love with every part of you, ugly or beautiful.


Refuse to become offended.

This is something we can all easily listen to. Stop. Being. Offended. At. Everything. People misspeak, people mess up, people won’t always treat you fairly or kindly. You do not have to address it to the world every time it happens and you should often fight that spirit within yourself. I guarantee that there have been moments when you didn’t behave to your highest standard or you slipped up in a conversation. Embrace the grace, kindness, and patience that Jesus does.


Phew… okay. I am itching writing all of this. I’ll admit that as soon as this post goes live, I’ll be completely nervous about what you think of me, despite what I just wrote down. Self-improvement doesn’t end until we get to Heaven and the rest fades away. Embrace and love yourself for who you are and for who God made you, the good and the not-so-good. You are perfectly imperfect. I challenge you to hang out with someone who is an Enneagram number that you are not and learn a lesson or two from them. Yes, that’s right. Jump on this bandwagon. You won’t regret learning new and amazing things about everyone you love! x

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