Hi, if anyone here struggles with doubts, put your hand up. If I was standing in a room with all of you, I guarantee every single one of you would have your hand raised. We all struggle with doubting something—ourselves, others, the government, and even God. When the going gets tough, it’s easy to think that we will never dig our way out of the mess, or we may even put faith in the things we shouldn’t. Everyone here over the age of 25 has most likely put their faith in a boyfriend/girlfriend when they shouldn’t have or saw a role model they trusted reveal the cracks they have in their character (we all have cracks, people). It’s easy to become windswept and worship the things that seem tangible or easy. I’ve done it numerous times without even realizing it until God finally tugged on my heart.

I’ve been pretty open with you all about my struggles throughout my nearly two (!) years running this blog. From anxiety to self-worth to even my struggles in high school with an eating disorder and depression. Ya girl has put herself through the wringer. In every time of struggle, I often found myself removing God from the equation. Before you spit fire at me—it was completely accidental. I was so focused on me and what I needed that was an easy and quick fix, that I forgot what the best fix was: Jesus.

I thought that if I hung out with friends or served at church more or spent time with my family or boyfriend/fiancé/husband (whatever Jon was at the time), that it would fix it. And it did for a moment. I’d be so happy and surrounded by the people that I loved, but when I got home, all of my emotions would come crashing on me and I declared I was too tired to read my Bible or pray and just needed “rest.” Someone forgot about two crucial Bible verses:

  • “Truly my soul finds rest in God; my salvation comes from Him,” Psalm 62:1
  • “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest,” Matthew 11:28

Yeah, whoops. I knew these verses… these were memory verses growing up or things I had meditated on. But I still forgot what weight they actually carried. I forgot that God was truly in the waiting, that He was there to dry my tears, there to renew my soul and to renew my strength. I was relying on the temporary just to get me to the next stone on my path when God was there to carry me through it all. Relying on the things right in front of you may help you for a moment but eventually, even those will disappoint you. Nothing of this Earth can stand to God.

One thing I’ve noticed within the past five years is the outbreak of everything “natural.” I have bought into it myself. Natural cleaning products, natural tampons/pads, natural eating (this one, I can’t get behind… pickiest eater), and natural “medicines.” Everything is promoting organic and natural if it’s got it. And I usually want that stuff. Give me fewer toxins and more good stuff—right? Well, natural is good for you—it brings you closer to the planet and further from the harmful chemicals that have caused so many health issues. But why are we stopping at natural?

The supernatural (God) is where emotional healing really comes from. You have to have the natural to heal the natural but believe in the supernatural to take your circumstances above and beyond. Your anxiety might be gone thanks to the help of the medicine you are on, but in order to conquer those fears and tell yourself that you are worth being taken care of, you need to have the whisper of God reminding you that you are His precious child.

If you feel like you can’t make it through the mundane or your current circumstances, turn to the One that will actually see you through it. He doesn’t need a break from you if you are talking too much. He doesn’t need to go to sleep at 10 PM and not be able to answer you. He is there at any and every moment you need it. Put your faith in the One who never fails and is always right by your side.

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