IT’S ONE MORE WEEK UNTIL CHRISTMAS, YOU GUYS!! THIS IS A RED ALERT. Okay, okay. Allow me to calm down… But how in the heck are we already this close to Christmas!? I’ve maybe watched two Christmas movies and haven’t done nearly enough to celebrate the best holiday (read last week’s blog post for why). If you’re like me and adulthood has you slipping on festive cheer, I’ve got a weeks worth of fun stuff to pack in before we have to tuck the Christmas sweaters away.

1) Watch your favorite Christmas movie and make some hot coco.

Nothing puts me in the holiday spirit like watching Home Alone 2 while curled up next to my tree with some delicious hot chocolate in hand. Make the drink extra festive by adding marshmallows, peppermint sticks (or syrup), whipped cream, and/or (I’m not judging) a cookie straw. Don’t forget to have on a fuzzy blanket!

2) Bake cookies (even if they were pre-packaged…).

I don’t think it will come as a surprise to you that baking cookies is my favorite way to embrace the holidays. There are pictures of me as a little girl baking cookies with my mom and sister and I pray that tradition goes on as long as we are here. Earlier this month, I made Snickerdoodles and felt so dang festive. This weekend, I’ll be baking with my mom and sis again. So whether you’re by yourself, with your pals, or with your mom… bake some dang cookies.

3) Go outside and find something local and festive!

I am lucky enough to live in a decently sized city that loves to celebrate Christmas. If you’re a Cincinnati local, then you’re no stranger to our zoo’s Festival of Lights or ice skating downtown. No matter the size of your town, there is bound to be something fun going on this week. Check out your local FB pages or simply do a Google search. You are bound to find something simply magical.

4) Walk/drive through your neighborhood lights with your favorite festive drink.

This is something my family loves to do every year. We all get into the car with our peppermint chocolate chip milkshakes from Chick-Fil-A and see all of the amazing lights. Another great alternative is a holiday drink from Starbucks our your local coffee shop… plus, who doesn’t want another excuse to drink hot chocolate?

5) Play some board games with the people you love.

Picture this: fire is on… Chex Mix is out… and you’re getting heated over Phase 10. I really don’t think I need to say more. Except… in the craziness of this season, prioritize being around those you love. Force a date night with your significant other, go spend time at your parents, and please, please, call your grandparents and tell them you love them. This season is hard for a lot of people, but your core loved ones help make it truly joyful.

6) Finish wrapping presents while listening to some holiday tunes.

Okay, back to goofy. You best believe I’ve been jamming to numerous Christmas albums (Michael Bublé, where you at?) this year. No time is a better time than when wrapping presents. If, like me, you are bad at wrapping, this helps eliminate the frustration and tension you get when that mug just does not look right.

7) Read the Christmas story.

Last, but most important, open up your Bible and read the story of Mary and Joseph and our Jesus coming into this world. Take just a few moments one evening and reflect on why the whole world seems to stop and stare at Christmas all December long. It’s a short story, but the most important story we have.

I hope you have an amazing time this week celebrating with your family and friends! I’ll see you next week for another cheeky Christmas post! x

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