It came so quickly… but another year is practically here. I have felt very rushed throughout this holiday season and haven’t taken the time to think about what I want for 2020… until now. I’m not a person who typically sticks to hard resolutions like “lose 15 lbs” or “eat veggies every day.” I have to focus on ideas or things I am already trying to implement as the year is coming to a close. Here are some of my resolutions that I think you’ll be able to achieve too. x

1) Practice sustainability and watch what type of products I use.

As the year is coming to a close, this is something I have been super reflective of (starting as early as November). A lot of the podcasts I listen to emphasize the importance of using sustainable and clean products and why it’s not just good for the environment, but also your body. Jon and I use almost entirely clean cleaning products (besides dishwasher and clothing detergent) and I am slowly but surely trying to make that switch everywhere. This year, I want to use more reusable bags (including reusable Ziplock bags!!), drink more from my new metal travel straw, and switch completely to organic feminine products without all the nasty stuff! This is something you can do too!! Switch over one product at a time 🙂

2) Continue my mental/physical health journey.

I like to think that I’ve been pretty open about both of these things with you all, especially how hard my anxiety hit me this year. I want to continue to work on learning when my body doesn’t feel good or detecting when anxiety will hit and being pro-active. I want to lessen the amount of junk food/sweets I eat even more this year (did pretty good this year) and work out slightly more throughout 2020. But most importantly, I want to teach myself how to slow down and take a break again.

3) Deepen my creativity.

This is always on any type of “self-improvement” list I make for myself. I want to read more, continue to write (something I do on this blog but also for a profession), play more piano, and spend time inspiring myself. Inspiration comes to me most through watching movies, reading, discovering new music, and traveling. I already know 2020 is going to be full of plenty of those things 😉

4) Read my Bible more.

I know this is number 4, but this is actually the top of my list. I spent a lot of time filling myself with the Word in 2018 and definitely lacked in 2019. Nothing calms my soul, anxiety, or life like picking up the Bible and hearing directly from God and those that followed Him. Above all else, I want to challenge myself to dive deeper than before.

As you can see, these are things that are so easily achieved by simply slowing down and noticing things. 2019 was filled with rush (a beautiful rush… but it had its consequences on me). I want 2020 to be reflective. Spending more time loving my husband, family, and friends. Pausing to listen to God’s voice. Allowing my spirit and soul to be fed. I can still get a lot done this year, but I won’t allow it to be at the expense of my mental health. Let’s start this new decade out with making and keeping the promise that we will do more good for ourselves and ultimately others. x

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