Happy (almost) Valentine’s/Galentine’s Day, my friends! I absolutely love this time of the year, and yes, even when I was single. I love the pink and red hearts everywhere, the snow falling even for just a minute every day, and how everyone stops to tell the people around them that they love them. In the name of love and cheesiness, Jon and I have put together our favorite things in Cincinnati (mostly involving food). So if you’re looking for a place to go tomorrow night or somewhere to celebrate with your girls, look no further! <3

Tacos | Mazunte Taqueria

Yes, tacos deserve a category all to themselves and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. We absolutely love Mazunte Taqueria. There are a LOT of good taco places in Cincinnati, but this beautiful gem never disappoints. Plus, their chips and guac are often featured in my dreams.

Late Night |16-Bit

Looking for something to do after dinner and dessert when you just aren’t ready to go home? 16-Bit is our fave. There are a ton of old arcade games that are so freaking fun to play. You can come with a group of friends, or just you and your other duking it out in retro arcade style.

Fancy Date Night | Sotto

If you’re looking to go all out this year, look no further than Sotto. This is the most romantic and delicious spot in Cincinnati, hands-down. From the gourmet Italian to the UNREAL desserts (the donuts or nothing, people) and the moody lighting, it’s sure to be a night you won’t forget… or stop dreaming about.

Brunch | Boomtown Biscuits

Jon and I went to Boomtown Biscuits for his birthday last year and we were absolutely blown away. Unreal chicken biscuits, sides, and everything in between. Not to mention the decor looked like we were out West during the Gold Rush. If you’re s/o plays Red Dead Redemption, they will be very much about it.

Place to Spend Your Saturday | Cincinnati Zoo

This is not a shocker at all if you watch my Instagram stories from April to December (because we’re here once a month or more). We freaking love the zoo and we know you will too (excuse the rhyme)!

Lunch | The Gruff

Okay, this is actually in northern Kentucky but you can see the Ohio River from the parking lot, so it counts. This is seriously the best place for lunch. Amazing sandwiches, salads, sides, and pizza. You can’t really go wrong with anything on the menu at The Gruff.

Casual Dinner | Camporosso

Okay, this isn’t in Cincinnati either. But Camporosso is so dang good we had to shout it out. Only about 10 minutes from the Ohio River (depending on traffic), it’s close enough. This is our favorite pizza and they also have amazing apps and desserts too. Great for a fun date without having to deal with Cincinnati traffic and parking.

Coffee | 1215 Wine + Coffee Bar

I’ve written about this place on previous blog posts and it’s still just as good to us. They seriously have the best coffee in Cincinnati and they have the most romantic and cozy vibe. This was Jon and I’s first date spot, so we may be a little biased but I think you can trust us on this one.

Dessert | The Bon Bonerie

So maybe this isn’t really a place you can go to and sit down but the opera creme cake at The Bon Bonerie is worth going and taking home. It’s Jon’s favorite dessert ever and something I am always craving (chocolate!).

I hope you all enjoyed this little post and found somewhere tonight, tomorrow, or in the future! If you’re not from Cincinnati, we highly recommend you come and visit for a weekend, but we’re a little biased. Tell the people you love that you love them this weekend and let’s all celebrate all kinds of love! x

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