Heyyy, so it’s been a minute. Nearly an entire month at that. When I started this blog, I always promised myself I would be consistent and never miss a post unplanned. I somehow managed to stick to that for two years (although I did go down to one post a week last year). This year, though… been a little rough to write anything so far. Between a new job, Jon’s schedule, and just the things life has thrown your way, I’ve been exhausted and definitely not in the mood to write. Well, tonight, I’m back. I can’t say I’m going to be consistent but I am still going to be here. Just waiting to put my thoughts down because I know there are a few of you out there who want to chat with me (and I really do love to write). x

There are so many ebbs and flows to life, so many different seasons to love and enjoy or learn from and let go. There will be amazing celebrations and horrible losses. It’s a simple fact of human nature. But in that, there is one season that God always seems to work the most… and we often don’t even notice it because we are too focused on what’s next. God does the most during the stillness, the longing, and the waiting.

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I have definitely had my fair share of waiting seasons. It may not seem like it from an outsider’s perspective, but I’ve spent countless months and years just wondering when that breakthrough or next big thing would happen. Shoot, I’m even waiting right now! There’s always something to yearn for, something to hope for, and something God is working on for you. The only problem is we often miss out on living in the previous work He’s done for us because we are too busy asking for what’s next.

The beautiful thing about living within what He’s done is the amazing moments you get to spend with Him. After Jon and I got married (something I had been yearning for for years), I forced myself to truly and deeply reflect and to hold on to what He had done. I am without a doubt the biggest “next” girl, so this was no easy feat. I wanted to soak in those first moments as husband and wife, we both wanted to deepen our relationship with God and be able to do that together. It was honestly so amazing to be able to hear the whispers of God for the first time in a while. I had spent the past 2+ years scrambling and hoping to marry Jon, graduate college, get my first job. And finally, I could rest.

But it was so easy for the “next” to creep through me. What’s next in my career? What’s the next big purchase? What’s the next miracle? When is my anxiety going away? Etc. Etc. Etc. There were days when I didn’t push those things away, but I tried so hard to remind myself that God had me throughout the past season and there is no reason to worry about the next. Sure, I still applied for a job and worked to save money, but I didn’t waste my time being caught up on the anxiety that the next thing wasn’t happening.

And honestly, this is the first moment in my life where I’ve ever truly done this and that’s why I feel so compelled to tell you just how freeing it is. God is so much louder in the pause then you would ever realize. Even if you feel like you can’t hear Him or He isn’t there, He is working endlessly on growing you and growing your heart. Lean into the growth, because growing isn’t comfortable, but it’s everything you need to move forward and closer to God. It may not feel like the breakthrough is coming… but that’s okay, because it’s much more exciting when God’s in the waiting.

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