It’s safe to say we are all tucked in our homes for the next month. With the social distancing plan in full force until April 30th in the U.S., we suddenly have a lot more time to sit in front of our TVs. Although I’m a total hypocrite in saying this (watched all of the “Tiger King” doc series on Netflix in one day), I think maaaybe we should feel comfortable enough to venture out of the binging phase and do more with our free time.

Make a list of some tasks you’ve wanted to accomplish.

We all have that closet or corner that’s needed to be rearranged or cleaned for at least a few months. There’s also that super annoying thing gnawing at us we have yet to do (Census, taxes, anyone?). This is the perfect time to get these things done. Here are a few things on my list that may give you some ideas:

  • Hang photos and frames (I have wedding gifts I still haven’t hung because I have neglected my upstairs walls… been married almost 6 months… it’s fine).
  • Participate in the Census count (tomorrow is Census day 🙂 ).
  • Fix some website bugs.

We all have those small things at work we’ve been wanting to learn too. Take full advantage of this extra, uninterrupted time!

Make a list of the fun things you’ve wanted to do.

This is definitely the better one. Create a fun to-do list, because when have you ever been able to do this since you were a kid!? Wanting to read a book? Do it! Wanting to order that board game you’ve seen your friends play or dig into a video game you used to love (Sims, anyone?)? Do it! This is the perfect time to relax and have some fun. Here are some things I’m looking forward to doing for the next month:

  • Reading a new book… then binging the Hulu show after (Little Fires Everywhere).
  • Playing Sims 4… yep.
  • Cooking some fun meals without Hello Fresh’s assistance!
  • Weekly FaceTime/Zoom calls with family and friends.

Make a list of soul-giving things you need.

As great as it is to check things off your to-do list and have fun with those you are quarantined with (if you get to be stuck with loved ones), this is also a very anxiety-ridden time. I feel beyond blessed that Jon and I both get to work at home, as I know so many have been temporarily laid off or lost their jobs completely. As someone who struggles with pretty cruddy anxiety, I still feel like a brick is sitting on my chest at times. Because of that, the most important thing we can do right now is to do some good things for our health and our soul. Here is more of what I’d like to be doing in the coming weeks:

  • Starting daily prayer times along with reading my Bible every day.
  • More at-home workouts and some yoga.
  • More daily walks.
  • More time spent talking with Jon in purposeful, deep conversations.

A lot of us are having a hard time right now. Whether we are facing actual health difficulties, financial difficulties, or are just plain tired of being stuck indoors, it can be hard to remain positive every day. Let’s choose to focus on the good things week by week, or even day by day if we have to. We can’t change these circumstances, but we can take this time to grow closer to our family, our kids, our spouses, and our friends and celebrate life. We’re all gonna get through this. x

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