“We’re all in this together.” If you’ve been scrolling through social media, there’s a guarantee that you’ve seen that at least twice today… maybe more. This is totally true and there has never been more of the same experience throughout humanity, thanks to the Internet. Every single person on this planet is affected in some way, even if it’s just as simple as worry from the news or as large as losing income or a loved one or being sick themselves. I can’t help but think about the fact that today is Good Friday, the day that Jesus laid His life for us so that we could enjoy eternal happiness. The day everything changed.

I’ve been so upset the past few weeks thinking about how we don’t get to spend Easter in church. Easter is the time that so many people who may have strayed from the church, find their way back to the doors, ready to embrace God once again. My heart has just been aching for the fact that this isn’t happening. But just yesterday, God spoke to this thought… they didn’t have church when Jesus was killed. They didn’t have church when they found Jesus again. They simply stood at His feet at the cross, mourning. Then when “the women” (as the book of Luke states) saw that Jesus had risen, they simply ran to tell everyone they could. No church. Just pure celebration.

Although church is such an important way to form community and is so vital to our relationship with God, we still have access to the most important thing about this Holy week… Jesus. In fact, maybe this will even allow us to simply dwell in God’s presence, rather than be worried about all the Easter egg hunts and large family gatherings that come with the holiday. Even now, as I sit to write this blog post, I am turning to scripture for reference and able to feel the emotion of our Savior taking His last breath for us.

Maybe we’ve been missing out on this all along. Although next year, we will surely celebrate with one another in church, we will remember Easter of 2020. The year in which we were able to pause, the year in which we truly understood what Easter is all about. I hope that we can all be purposeful this year in dwelling in all that He has given us to remember this weekend, the most important weekend in our history. We may never get another moment where we are forced to pause like this one. Let’s make it count and refuse to let an Easter without church be an Easter without Jesus.

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