I don’t know about ant of you but I’ve been having the weirdest two months go my life. When I originally planned this post, it was going to be full of cute and fun spring things. I hope it still is… just a little more indoors 😉 Enjoy! x

Fresh cut lilacs + honeysuckle candles from Bath and Body Works: These two smells are the definition of springtime to me. My apartment always has one of the two lit and it immediately takes me to memories of rain against the window and tulips at the zoo (RIP to going to the zoo).

Rose scented Mrs. Meyers cleaner + dishwashing soap: If you’re like me and honestly, the rest of the world, you cleaning your house like crazy. This pretty scent honestly makes cleaning more fun. Here’s a link to a little sale on all the rose-scented Mrs. Meyers out right now on Grove Collaborative! 🙂

All things baking: I’ve already written a post about baking not that long ago, so it’s linked here. Enjoy! 🙂

New fave spot: Pepp + Dolores: Literally right before Jon and I realized we needed to be staying at home, we went on a date night and discovered this amazing Italian place tucked in Cincinnati. Four words: oh my freaking gosh. They are unfortunately temporarily closed, but once they are back in business we are running there for some homemade pasta.

Mint Oreo everything: My favorite thing ever is mint ice cream. Add Oreos? I am in HEAVEN. I love that mint is everywhere in March as it’s my birthday month and I like to pretend it’s all for me. No mint Oreo ice cream is better than Graeter’s (a Cincinnati ice cream chain). I miss you so… can’t wait until next March.

Hello Fresh: Hello Fresh has been my saving grace ever since we started social distancing. 2-3 meals a week, right at my door, and super delicious. ‘Nuff said.

Tiger King: I honestly don’t think I need to say anything about this, right? You’ve seen the memes? Netflix? Insane? Okay, we’re good here. GO WATCH THIS ALREADY.

Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly: I wrote about this book on my Instagram story, but if you missed it, you definitely need to add this book to your reading list. It takes place before/after/during WWII and will straight punch you in the gut. If you’ve ever needed humbling perspective, read this book. It’s definitely in my top 20.

Sims 4: I have never been more into building a virtual house in my life, honestly. It’s so relaxing and my siblings and I love watching each other design and build. I’m not as big of a fan at actually playing the game… but it’s still something so fun to do right now.

Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens: I haven’t finished this book yet, but I’m 80 pages away so I feel like I can go ahead and slap this on my favorites list and say it may very well be one of my top 5 favorite books (yep, that’s right). I don’t know how it ends yet but I am so ready to finish this but also so sad it will be over. You all definitely need to read this.

I have absolutely loved sharing with you all of my favorites from this season so far. I haven’t been buying too many things as of late which is perfect, because these are all things easily accessible to all of you (expect Mint Oreo ice cream RIP). I’ll talk to you next week! x

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