Here’s something you should know about me: I love everything to be clean, tidy, and orderly, but I really do not like cleaning. Cleaning for me is not a calming feeling… it’s the reward I get after. Kind of like working out, right? And honestly, like a lot of things. We all tend to hate the process but want the reward. Get money quick schemes (Anyone out there seen McMillions on Hulu!?)? “Breakthrough” diets? “Miracle” skincare? We are all begging for the quick answers in life, seeking the reward, but always avoiding the process.

I have this giant purse that I love (I’m getting somewhere, ok?). Jon gave it to me for our first dating anniversary nearly three years ago and I cling to this purse. It’s a massive Kate Spade bag that fits anything and everything I want in it. Well, after about a year I started to throw anything and everything I wanted to in it… I thought to myself over and over about how nice it would be to have a clean purse, but I didn’t do anything to make it easier on myself to have one. Every time I would attempt to clean it out, I would leave a few messy things in there because I would simply give up.

That is… until about a year and a half ago when a cute little pack of gum decided to wreak havoc in my bag. I honestly have no idea how it occurred, but all of the gum escaped from its box AND wrappers and crumbled into what felt like millions of tiny little pieces all over my bag and my things inside of it. First of all, annoying, because now I have to pick it up. Second of all, confusing, how did this even happen!? Maybe it was because I decided just to not clean out my bag fully for over a year (duh, Brie)?

I bet you’re thinking, “oh, wow, she learned her lesson and cleaned out her bag.” Nope. I honestly still find pieces of gum to this day… I am just as big of a culprit as you may be about skipping the process. I skipped the process so hard that chaos ensued and still follows me to this day, simply because I refused to acknowledge and fix the problem the hard way.

God knew that we needed the process. The process molds and shapes you, it creates you into a better version of yourself, a closer version of Him. We learn so many crucial things by going through the day by day and getting better and better. I hate cleaning, but I have learned to found joy in it by listening to music and podcasts while I clean our apartment. Through that, I learn more about Jesus, history, the world, and often have a good laugh. For the metaphor’s purpose, it’s like hiring a maid to do the work for you and completely missing the lessons you learn along the way.

We were made for processes. Our entire world falls into seasons, which are processes of their own. Spring is the process of birth while the fall is the process of dying and so on. God orchestrated us to learn through every step. Don’t skip out on the things that are hard simply because you want quick results. If you take the long route, you may just find something even better than the end result.

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