I am a rain-loving girl and I cannot deny it. When it’s summer time, I crave hearing thunder and seeing lightening because it is so dang relaxing. However, it’s a fact that we need Vitamin D, so when the weather is super groggy as it is this time of year, it’s hard to feel motivated. I’ve been like a firecracker the past 2.5 months, but something about the past two weeks has made me a little cranky and reeeeeal sleepy. I put together some quick mood boosters if any of you are feeling a little like I do. x

A warm (or cold) drink:

Nothing kicks your spirit up like caffeine (or decaf, I feel you). Make yourself a really extra special cup of coffee, froth that milk, sprinkle the cinnamon on top… make it a moment! If you are avoiding caffeine completely, grab a Sprite and add grenadine or mint.

Meditation and prayer:

Meditation is something I’ve been recently using to help fight off my anxiety. If you can, I highly recommend downloading Headspace. It’s really helped me center myself better during the pandemic. One thing I also love to do is incorporate God into every meditation by doing a quick prayer at the beginning. Once you get the hang of it, it will start to feel as refreshing as waking up from a nap.


Oh, yoga. One of my favorite ways to work out. Recently I’ve been using it in between workout days to help get my stretch on and really and truly focus on centering myself. It’s truly amazing what a little balance will do for your mood. There are so many great resources out there right now! Lululemon’s YouTube channel has been my favorite during this time. Also look into your local studios, as they are offering loads of online classes right now!

Quality time:

Even if you are living alone, there are plenty of ways to reach out and spend time with others during the pandemic. Play board games with your family, download the House Party app and have a game night with friends, do a big ole Zoom call, or simply FaceTime your momma. Whatever you choose, it’s so important to not walk alone.

Comfort foods:

I love food a lot. I love good food even more. I’m a super picky eater (trying really hard to not be so annoying about it) so my go-tos tend to always be comfort foods. Feeling down? Make that chicken parm. Whip up some mac and cheese. Don’t eat like this every day as you will probably feel even more sluggish, but sometimes you just need a big ole bowl of pasta.

Or… not-so-comfort foods:

If you’re looking for a real mood booster that will continue, it may be time to break out the salad bowl. Take the time to look into some new healthy recipes and eat to feel the sunshine on the inside.

A good book:

I’ve said it probably a million times, but I am so thankful I have been able to read so much again during this season. As a bookworm at heart, I’ve hated how I haven’t been able to find the time to read for fun since graduating high school. But now, we are back! I’ve been reading Little Women this month and wow, even through the tears, I feel so much better by being “surrounded” by the characters in a book.

A nap:

Yes, that’s right. Sometimes the solution to your problems is a good ole nap. Set your timer for 26 minutes, cuddle up, and let the good feelings roll over you. 26 minutes of a nap is scientifically proven to be the exact energy booster you need (that is if you’re getting the right amount of sleep at night) without feeling groggy. I don’t know about you, but I am here for the naps.

I hope you all are able to use one or two of these to help fight the bad moods that are most definitely taking over us all. The rain might be pouring and the sun may be hiding, but that doesn’t mean we have to let it own our day! x

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